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Meditation Length Practice Experience

Sharing in Suffering with Ukraine: Twelve-minute Compassion Practice

Suffering is lighter when shared. Join Lama Tsomo in this Tonglen or Compassion meditation focused on the suffering experienced by all in the War on Ukraine
12 min. Tonglen Beginner

Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes

Follow along with Lama Tsomo as she chants the prayer of Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes which is a supplication prayer to Guru Rinpoche to avert disease, warfare, and obstacles and to grant spiritual attainments.
6 min. Chanting Advanced

Seven-minute Loving Kindness (Metta) Practice

Connect with your own true essence of awareness, love, compassion, and joy in this Loving Kindness meditation with Lama Tsomo. Wish safety, freedom from suffering, and joy for yourself and all sentient beings.
7 min. Loving Kindness Beginner

Eight-minute Body Scan for Cultivating Mindfulness

On a basic level, to be mindful is to be aware. In this short body scan meditation, you will practice mindfulness by systematically bringing your attention to each part of your body and simply noticing it. Do this meditation practice throughout the day to help bring your whole self to the present moment.
8.00 min. Body Scan Beginner

Four-minute Meditation for Tuning into Our Connection with Ourselves and Others

Using the breath to ground ourselves in the present moment, we begin to tap into our true nature. This short practice will help us develop a sense of connection to others near and far, while bringing awareness to our true intention for this moment.
4 min. The Four Boundless Qualities Beginner

Three-minute Meditation for Tuning into Your Heart/Mind

Tap into the deep intention for developing true connection with ourselves and the vast ocean. Through our hearts we can feel our shared relation and deep interconnectedness.
3 min. Loving Kindness Beginner

Nine-minute Meditation for Unpacking Grief

Through awareness and tapping into the parts of ourselves that are grieving, we’re able to transmute our suffering and the suffering of others. Use this guided Tonglen meditation to send and receive joy, connection, and a sense of relief.
9 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Ten-minute Boundless Loving Kindness (Metta)

Loving Kindness is one of the Four Boundless Qualities. Use this Metta practice to tap into the pure, natural goodness of feeling warm affection for ourselves. As Lama Tsomo reminds us, this is our natural state. Metta practice can be recited as, “May I Be Safe, May I Be Well, May I Be At Peace, May I Be Joyful.”
10 min. Loving Kindness Beginner

Sixteen-minute Meditation for Stepping into Compassionate Joy

Using this Tonglen practice, we breathe for the parts of ourselves that are feeling misunderstood and suffering. Through the compassionate heart we develop awareness, envisioning joy and sending it to ourselves and others.
16 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Sixteen-minute Meditation for Tuning into Wisdom through Sensation

Using the grounding practice of Shamata, we focus and ultimately calm the mind. Then, Lama Tsomo guides us through a Body Scan meditation for tuning into sensation. This enables us to develop equanimity for what is, so we can move through our day with more wisdom, awareness, and ease.
16 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Seventeen-minute Meditation for Nurturing Happiness for the Whole Ocean

Lama Tsomo begins this practice with a brief Clearing the Stale Winds Instruction, then transitions to resting in Shamata. We train our awareness to rest in the present moment and savor the stillness. Lama Tsomo then moves into a Sympathetic Joy and Happiness practice, nurturing us to cultivate joy for ourselves and the whole world.
17 min. Round Robin Advanced

Eighteen-minute Meditation for Cultivating Vast Self-Compassion

Using visualization and tapping into the gateway of our hearts, Lama Tsomo guides us through a Tonglen meditation to cultivate a deep sense of compassion and connect with our true nature of joy.
18 min. Tonglen Advanced

Twenty-minute Shamata Practice with Sympathetic Joy: Coming Back to Our True Nature through Connection

Lama Tsomo walks us through a brief Clearing the Stale Winds practice, reminding us of the traditional posture for meditation. Then, she moves into a Shamata meditation to help us cultivate moment-to-moment awareness. Finally, we practice Sympathetic Joy for connecting with one of the Four Boundless Qualities, helping us to develop our innate capacity for shared connection and joy. Use this practice as a mini-retreat to come back to your center and true nature.
20 min. Round Robin Advanced

Six-minute Meditation to Increase Happiness

Lama Tsomo guides us in a short Loving Kindness meditation. Take a moment to extend Loving Kindness Metta to yourself, those around you, and the world. Cultivate feelings of happiness, while letting go of fear and anxiety.
6 min. Loving Kindness Beginner

Round Robin with Shamata and Tonglen

Settle your mind and then focus on cultivating compassion in this Round Robin with Lama Tsomo.
8 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Round Robin Introduction with Shamata and Tonglen

Lama Tsomo gives a brief overview of Round Robin, her way of stitching practices together. Using both Shamata and Tonglen we can learn to focus our minds for better concentration while cultivating greater compassion for ourselves and others.
9 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Three-Minute Shamata and Intro to Insight Meditation

Dip your toes into Insight or Vipassana meditation with this short and grounding practice with Lama Tsomo.
3 min. Shamata and Vipassana Intermediate

Six-minute Meditation for Tranquility

Join Lama Tsomo for a simple and short Shamata practice using breath as the object of focus to help us see clearly and ease anxiety.
6 min. Shamata Beginner

Three-minute Meditation for Concentration

Need a quick reset for your mind? Take three minutes to focus on your breath and improve your concentration skills.
3 min. Shamata Beginner

Six-minute Meditation to Cultivate Empathy

Cultivate compassion for yourself and others through this traditional practice of sending and receiving compassion.
6 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Three-minute Meditation for Peace

Press pause for three minutes and take a mini-vacation of Calm Abiding with Lama Tsomo.
3 min. Shamata Beginner

Seven-minute Meditation for Increasing Understanding

Flex those compassion muscles by slowly expanding to those you find difficult, or as Lama Tsomo refers to it, Tonglen (compassion practice) for Troublemakers.
7 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Four-minute Meditation for Clarity

Explore reality in this introduction to Vipassana or Insight meditation with Lama Tsomo.
4 min. Vipassana Intermediate

Six-minutes of Shamata Using Thoughts

Learn to become an observer of your thoughts in this practice with Lama Tsomo.
6 min. Shamata Beginner

Tonglen for Troublemakers

Struggling with personal relationships? Find common ground with the troublemakers of your life with this Tonglen or compassion practice.
9 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Round Robin: Shamata, Vipassana, and Tonglen

If you can’t decide what type of practice you want to do, try a variety in this Round Robin of Shamata, Vipassana, and Tonglen with Lama Tsomo.
8 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Six-minute Round Robin: Shamata, Vipassana, and Tonglen

A short Round Robin session with Lama Tsomo for seeing clearly, getting to the root of misperceptions, and extending compassion to ourselves and others.
6 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Four-minute Meditation to Increase Awareness

Take four minutes as Lama Tsomo guides you to focus on the physical sensations or direct experiences that arise as you practice.
4 min. Shamata Beginner

Five-minute Meditation for Happiness

Need a jumpstart on happiness? Join Lama Tsomo in this practice of focusing on feeling genuine joy for yourself and others.
5 min. Sympathetic Joy Beginner

Five-minute Round Robin: Shamata and Tonglen

A short version of Calm Abiding followed by a compassion practice with Lama Tsomo.
5 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Three-minute Meditation to Bring Awareness to Body

Ground yourself in reality through this short body scan with Lama Tsomo.
3 min. Body Scan Beginner

Round Robin: Shamata and Tonglen

Along with Lama Tsomo, take some time to allow your thoughts to settle, then expand your compassion from that calm state of mind.
12 min. Shamata Intermediate

Eight-minute Meditation for Compassion

Cultivate compassion and increase empathy with this Tonglen or compassion practice.
8 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Round Robin: Shamata and Tonglen

Gain compassion through seeing clearly and feeling along with others.
11 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Six-minutes of Shamata for Seeing Clearly

Just like a windshield, your mind needs a regular cleaning so you can see where you’re headed. Shamata can do just that. No car wash necessary.
6 min. Shamata Beginner

Round Robin: Shamata and Loving Kindness

Join Lama Tsomo in this practice to find stability of mind, and then expand with a Loving Kindness or Metta practice to wish yourself and others wellness, safety, and ease.
9 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Compassion (Tonglen) Meditation for Easing Holiday Stress

Whether you're looking for comfort after a difficult holiday gathering or preparing yourself for one, you may find this special Compassion practice with Lama Tsomo helpful. We can't guarantee you a stress-free holiday season, but we can assure you that these 10 minutes will be 10 minutes well spent
10 min. Tonglen Beginner

Seven-minute Meditation for Ukraine

As war rages in Ukraine, many are experiencing tremendous suffering - physical pain, despair, anger, and anxiety. Join Lama Tsomo in this Tonglen meditation practice to extend compassion— the relief of suffering — to all beings. Through this practice, we expand and deepen our innate compassion for all sentient beings.
7 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Om Mani Padme Hum 5 Min Chant

In this short, simple, yet powerful practice, Lama Tsomo shares the sacred mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum. Use this chant to generate compassion in your heart and mind for all beings.
5 min. Chanting Intermediate

Clearing the Stale Energies

In this short video, Lama Tsomo and her students offer a led demonstration of “Clearing the Stale Energies,” a pranayama or breath practice that helps clear the mind for a meditation session.
3 min. Clearing the Stale Energies Beginner

Sympathetic Joy

Feeling jealous? Take a few minutes to let go of comparison and savor a shared sense of joy for others good fortunes.
8 min. Tonglen Beginner

Tonglen: Cultivating Compassion

Press play and enjoy this seven-minute meditation from Lama Tsomo that helps cultivate compassion in the mind and heart.
8 min. Tonglen Beginner

Shamata with Visual Support

Try an eight-minute guided meditation from Lama Tsomo that’s suitable for beginners and long-time practitioners alike. In this Shamata practice, you’ll use a visual as a method of support to help calm and train the mind.
8 min. Shamata Beginner

Shamata Focused on Sound

Try this simple eight-minute meditation from Lama Tsomo. In this easy-to-follow Shamata session, you’ll use ambient sound as a method of support to help calm and train the mind.
8 min. Shamata Intermediate

Tonglen: Compassion Practice

Try this longer 10-minute guided Tonglen session for a deeper exploration of this traditional compassion practice, led by Lama Tsomo.
10 min. Tonglen Beginner

10 Minutes of Shamata

Dive into a longer session of Shamata or calm abiding with Lama Tsomo.
10 min. Shamata Beginner


Struggling with meaninglessness? Try this Tonglen practice to breathe through those difficult feelings and to remember that you are not alone.
12 min. Tonglen Beginner

Tonglen with Lama Tsomo

Tonglen is a practice of sending and receiving compassion, it is also one of the Four Boundless Qualities.
12 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Shamata and Sympathetic Joy!

Try this shorter Round Robin to experience Shamata using breath and sensations in the body then begin exploring the Four Boundless Qualities.
13 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Compassion Practice for Anxiety

Try this Tonglen practice to increase compassion for yourself and others when feeling burdened, pressured, or anxious.
14 min. Tonglen Beginner

Tonglen: Sending and Receiving Compassion

In this practice, Lama Tsomo focuses on bringing compassion to the painful feeling of being misunderstood. This practice may be helpful for cultivating compassion for yourself and others when feeling misunderstood.
14 min. Tonglen Intermediate

Round Robin: Shamata and Tonglen

After settling in with Shamata, Lama Tsomo brings compassion to the experience of being projected on with Tonglen.
15 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Bringing It All Together

In this 15-minute session, Lama Tsomo and her students demonstrate how to put three foundational meditation practices together into a Round Robin session.
15 min. Round Robin Beginner

Loving Kindness Meditation

Join Lama Tsomo for a guided meditation on Loving Kindness one of the Four Boundless Qualities.
15 min. The Four Boundless Qualities Beginner

Body Scan Guided Meditation

Don’t worry if you aren’t even sure how to meditate, simply get comfortable in a seated position on the floor or in a chair, and follow Lama Tsomo’s instructions.
18 min. Shamata Beginner

Round Robin: Shamata and Sympathetic Joy

Settle in for a session that stitches together a few different practices to cultivate stability of mind, joy and connection. 
20 min. Round Robin Advanced

Shamata, Body Scan, Loving Kindness & Equanimity

Take time to check in with a grounding body scan then expand that care to all with an Equanimity and Loving Kindness meditation.
26 min. Round Robin Advanced

Extended Round Robin

A longer, guided meditation using a combination of foundational practices.
22 min. Round Robin Intermediate

Round Robin: Shamata and Loving Kindness

Take some time to settle your mind in Shamata and then move to sending Loving Kindness to yourself and the world. 
27 min. Round Robin Advanced

Shamata and Sympathetic Joy

Begin with a guided meditation on Shamata and follow along as Lama Tsomo moves you into a practice of Sympathetic Joy, one of the Four Boundless Qualities.
28 min. The Four Boundless Qualities Intermediate

Round Robin: Shamata and Tonglen

Craving a longer session? During the Shamata section of this practice, Lama Tsomo uses an image of White Tara for an object of focus. White Tara image is not required. You can use any image that creates a sense of calm and has a single point you can focus on. If you don’t have an image, you can choose a spot on the floor. Once the mind is settled, you shift focusing on compassion with plenty of time to soak it in and breathe it out. 
29 min. Round Robin Advanced

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