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Buddhist Ethics: Ten Virtues and Non-Virtues

Welcome to your crash course in Buddhist Ethics! Don’t worry, there won’t be any actual crashing. Hopefully this will be more of a road map of where to go depending on your desired destination. If you’re going for happiness and enlightenment, the Buddha advises you to follow the Ten Virtues and avoid the Non-Virtues. If you’re going for suffering and unhappiness, you would do the opposite.

Birth with a Rainbow and Death with a Rainbow

The roots of this story can be found in an account of the most famous Tibetan mantrika known as Sangye Yeshe of the great Nub clan. He is depicted today in paintings and sculptures as a majestic man with a long goatee like the kesh of a Sikh man

The Four Thoughts of Buddhism

What are the Four Thoughts of Tibetan Buddhism?
Contemplation of the Four Thoughts turns the mind from worldly preoccupations towards liberation and freedom.

The Three Poisons

Unfortunately, the Three Poisons we discuss often in Buddhism do not come with attention-grabbing labels. They tend to sneak into our lives and cause suffering until we gain an awareness of them. Though not always pleasant, gaining that awareness and learning to work with them is necessary for ending Samsara. Most of us have a “favorite” that we...

10 Journal Prompts for Introspection & Self-Awareness

Have you ever journaled or wanted to add that to your meditation practice but didn’t know how to get started? Journaling is a great way to record your thoughts, relieve stress, and self-reflect. Grab a cup of hot tea, your favorite blanket, and settle in as we give you some easy prompts to get you started. Consider these: How am I feeling about...