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How To Use Meditation to Work with Election Anxiety

On Election Day, people across the United States will start to have their votes counted in the 2022 midterm elections. While those votes are being counted, some of us will experience anxiety.

What About Those Who Have Hurt Us?

“Forgive and forget!” That’s all there is to it, right?! Not quite! In this excerpt from Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection

The Story of Asanga and Maitreya

Long ago, in ancient India, a Dharma student named Asanga had a goal: to see the Future Buddha Maitreya, who was already a great bodhisattva

How to Stay Motivated to Meditate

If a teacher yells at a child when they do something they’ve always done before, the teacher is not going to have a very good student.

The Buddhist Story of the Monkey Mind

pages 40-41, from Ancient Wisdom for Our Times. Tibetan Buddhist Practice: Wisdom & Compassion (Starting with Yourself) (c)2021 Lama Tsomo LLC. Published by Namchak Publishing Company LLC, USA.

Shamata or Tranquil Abiding

We refer to Shamata as Calm or Tranquil Abiding. It serves as the foundation for all other practices and is suitable for those just starting to meditate as well as experienced practictioners

What is Karma in Buddhism?

Karma: Urges, Actions, and Results Explained      Karma is one of the most complex and misunderstood topics in Buddhism. We’re here to shed a little light on it! Translated from Sanskrit, it means “action.” Generally speaking, karma refers to the actions that naturally grow out of thoughts and feelings.The thoughts and feelings...

The Path to Happiness

In her book Why Bother? An Introduction, Lama Tsomo discusses why she bothered with meditation and the benefits she has experienced