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Birth with a Rainbow and Death with a Rainbow

The roots of this story can be found in an account of the most famous Tibetan mantrika known as Sangye Yeshe of the great Nub clan. He is depicted today in paintings and sculptures as a majestic man with a long goatee like the kesh of a Sikh man

The Four Thoughts of Buddhism

What are the Four Thoughts of Tibetan Buddhism?
Contemplation of the Four Thoughts turns the mind from worldly preoccupations towards liberation and freedom.

4 Guided Meditations to Invigorate Your Practice

With the change of seasons comes the opportunity to reinvigorate our practice. Whether you’re feeling burned out or just ready for a change, here are some of our favorite guided meditations for you to try. Clearing the Stale Energies. Not sure how to start off your sit? We’ve got you! Follow along as Lama Tsomo guides you through a Tibetan breath...