Our Community Offerings

There are three ideals at the heart of Buddhism: buddha, dharma, sangha. Together, these concepts are known as the three jewels. At Namchak, we focus on all three, providing tools to help you connect with others in a deep and harmonious way.

 We focus on providing space for new and advanced meditation practitioners to meditate together and deepen their innate wisdom. Through our community offerings students can learn more about Vajrayana practices and connect both in-person and online with students and teachers.

Learning Circles

Our Learning Circles are meditation groups that consist of 2-8 people that meet regularly to deepen their innate wisdom. Learning Circle members use our eCourses, books from the Ancient Wisdom Series, Dharma Talks, and meditation practices to create space for contemplative dialogue, reflection, and meditation practice.


Sangha is an integral component for deepening on the path, if you’re interested in bringing your solo meditation practice into the world and grow in Sangha, our Learning Circles can help you connect and deepen with others, while fostering wisdom, compassion, more joy, and true connection.

One Community – Sangha Gatherings

Our monthly Sangha gatherings, what we call One Community, are an opportunity to come together as a community to deepen our understanding of the Dharma and connect with our fellow Sangha members. Each gathering is facilitated by a different Namchak teacher, thought leader, or staff member and will revolve around a particular theme.

These Sangha gatherings are two hours in total. The first half consists of a Dharma talk, and the second half offers an opportunity for participants to reflect on the teachings through small group discussions in short break-out sessions. These group discussions will be followed by a Q&A session with the teacher.

Participation in small group discussions is encouraged but not required. You can always sit these out! We encourage Learning Circles and meditation buddies to attend together. Inviting friends, partners, family members, neighbors, and co-workers is always welcome.

Stepping into Meditation and Community 8-Week Course

Stepping into Meditation and Community is an 8-week interactive online course that will guide us to the most present, compassionate, and connected parts of ourselves. Through inner exploration and engaging with community, we will learn accessible, time-tested Tibetan Buddhist practices that will allow us to awaken into deeper peace, joy, compassion and equanimity in our lives.


This course is a great starting point for those who are just stepping into Namchak practices and/or those who want to deepen their practice and connection with sangha (community). We offer this course yearly, learn more about this offering by emailing [email protected] use the subject line Stepping into Meditation and Community – Enrollment

Morning Meditations

Each weekday morning from 9:00 am MDT – 9:20 MDT community members from around the world come together for a virtual, non-guided open meditation.

These short practice sessions provide a framework to meditate with others and a place for continuity. As we know part of creating new habits is doing them daily, our morning meditations provide a space for practice and accountability. No registration is required, access the meeting link and more information HERE.

Namchak Community Buddhist Sangha

Ancient Wisdom Engaged

This multi-year, non-residential study program offers students an introduction to the Vajrayana path of Tibetan Buddhism and to a unique form of personal leadership. Incorporating retreats, meditation coaching calls, sangha community, independent meditation practice and more the Ancient Wisdom Engaged pathway is an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice in a community-oriented model.

Learn more about the AWE program by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line AWE Pathway.

Lama Tsomo together in Sangha

Meditation Buddies

New to meditation? If you’re interested in starting a practice but hesitant to commit, our meditation buddy program is a way to establish accountability and increase your likelihood of developing a daily meditation practice.

Learn more about being matched with a meditation buddy by emailing [email protected] use the subject line Meditation Buddy.

What Our Community Is Saying

“For 30 years I have read books on Buddhism and tried to practice meditation, but I was missing that component of the sangha. We think of the three jewels as a firm stool we rest on. If you are missing one of the legs of the stool, it isn’t very stable. The addition of the sangha both in the Learning Circle and in the greater Namchak community, gives us that firm foundation to rest upon. We all come from different places and perspectives but we support and have great love and compassion for the others in the Learning Circle and feel our lives are enriched by their presence in our lives.” – Carol

“Joining an online sangha has been enriching for my practice and my sense of connection to other like-minded people. Being able to connect with others who are exploring Buddhist practices is valuable— we each bring our backgrounds and knowledge to the practice, and can share and discuss what we are experiencing and learning. We rotate roles for each session, and I really enjoy the different meditations or readings that the group members bring to the session. The care for each other is high, and I feel there is genuine curiosity for each other’s well-being and growth. It’s great to have an international flavour too!” – Michael

“As I meditate on these questions, I visualize the emotion or sensation, and also place my awareness on its changing nature. Through this practice, I have seen that emotions and bodily sensations are not permanent. They shift and change. For me, this practice offers a chance to be what is arising in a way that is tolerable and allows for some relaxation into the present moment”. – Kathy

“This Learning Circle is definitely my spiritual highlight each week. We are currently reading Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling and going through the workbook together as a Circle. I have never read any books in a group setting, and I am so grateful to have this group to keep me accountable.” – Suki

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