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Whether you’re new to meditation practice or looking to more deeply understand Tibetan Buddhism, you can benefit from our Ancient Wisdom for Our Times: Tibetan Buddhist Practice series, written by meditation teacher and Namchak co-Founder, Lama Tsomo. These books are intended to provide you with the context, instructions, and inspiration needed for developing and sustaining a meditation practice. 

Based in Vajrayana Buddhism, the content is accessible to a wide range of students. You don’t have to be a practicing Buddhist or advanced meditator to use the concepts shared to start living a happier life. Through mind training we can cultivate more joy and compassion to show up in our relationships, jobs, and lives with more presence and wisdom. 

Looking to cultivate a daily meditation practice? The Taking a Breath meditation journal and habit tracker can serve as your guide. Curious about Vajrayana concepts and practices? Learn more about the Ancient Wisdom for Our Times series which includes, Why Bother?, Wisdom &  Compassion (Starting With Yourself), and the soon-to-be released Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection. We look forward to helping you learn more about the art of meditation.

Taking a Breath Meditation and Reflection Journal


Interested in embodying more focus, presence, calm, and joy? Lama Tsomo and the Namchak community are delighted to share our Taking a Breath meditation journal and habit tracker. Unique and practical, Taking a Breath is a valuable guide for increasing consistency in your new or established meditation practice. In this guide, Lama Tsomo goes through all the details you need to practice ancient Buddhist techniques for calming the mind and cultivating more compassion.

Experience diminishing suffering and disease as you train your mind to be more present and aware. Taking a Breath will help you establish positive habits, enabling you to move through the world with more ease and less anxiety.

In this concise and compact journal, Lama Tsomo provides the practices in an inspiring, practical, and user-friendly way. A step-by-step journal for college students, activists, parents, young people, Taking a Breath provides tools for living a meaningful life and equips readers with practices for moving through our chaotic world with more spaciousness and joy.

Ancient Wisdom For Our Times

In Lama Tsomo’s Ancient Wisdom for Our Times series, readers are introduced to foundational Buddhist concepts within the Vajrayana branch of Buddhism. This series was designed to share ancient techniques and meditation practices to Western students in an accessible manner. 

If you’re interested in meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, or in learning to embody more joy, compassion, and ease, this series was designed for just that. Starting with the introductory text Why Bother? followed by Wisdom & Compassion (Starting With Yourself) and her soon-to-be-released Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection, Lama Tsomo has created a practical, comprehensive, and thoroughly enjoyable series to help bring these ancient practices to the modern world. 

What You can expect from the Ancient Wisdom For Our Times Series:


An introduction to Buddhist concepts, ideas, and teachings.


Methods for creating more joy, peace, and compassion in your life.


Anecdotes, stories, meditation guidance, all brought together in Lama Tsomo’s signature style.


Step-by-step instructions for practicing ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices.

Ancient Wisdom For Our Times Series - Lama Tsomo

Why Bother?

Why Bother? is the introductory text of Lama Tsomo’s Ancient Wisdom for Our Times series, which is designed to bring ancient meditation practices to Western society. Through an easy-to-understand delivery, Why Bother? introduces readers to concepts within the Vajrayana branch of Buddhism. By sharing more about Tibetan Buddhism, this book answers the “why” of meditation and lays the foundation for new practitioners.

In Why Bother? Lama Tsomo inspires students to begin their meditation journeys by weaving together personal experiences, anecdotes, and spiritual insights. With warmth and humor, she presents traditional Buddhist ideas in an accessible manner. Readers come away with a roadmap of Buddhist ideology and a path for diving deeper into meditation.

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Wisdom & Compassion (Starting With Yourself) Book 2

Wisdom & Compassion (Starting With Yourself)

Book two of the Ancient Wisdom for Our Times Series, Wisdom & Compassion (Starting With Yourself) builds on Tibetan Buddhist concepts introduced in Book One, while providing insight into the how of meditation practice. In this second book, Lama Tsomo provides a comprehensive breakdown of foundational techniques and practices including Lung Ro Sel, Shamata, Tonglen, and ways in which we can seed the habit of daily practice. Readers will take away the context of ancient techniques as well as the practical instructions for putting them into action.

In her authentic, witty, and matter-of-fact style, Lama Tsomo equips readers with tools to cultivate a meditation practice using wisdom that has been curated and refined for thousands of years. In search of a practical guide for creating more calm, presence, and joy in your life and the lives of others? Consider reaching for Wisdom & Compassion (Starting With Yourself). the perfect guide for sowing seeds of peace and presence in the modern world.

Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection


The much anticipated third installment of the Ancient Wisdom for Our Times series, Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection provides an in-depth breakdown of ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices for cultivating more joyful, satisfying, and loving relationships with ourselves and others. This book will provide readers with everything they need to know to develop their innate capacity for more love, joy, ease, and compassion. 

Haven’t read Book One or Book Two of the Ancient Wisdom For Our Times series? No problem! Book Three, Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection was designed to be read on its own or in tandem with the other books. Readers can use Ancient Wisdom as a starting point on their journey or with practices such as Vipassana or Shamata.

Whether you’re coming of age or moving into retirement, this book will teach you fundamental practices for deepening your qualities of widespread love, sympathetic joy, and compassion. 


Deepening Wisdom, Deepening Connection - Book 3

What People Are Saying

“I am happy to see the publication of this new book, written by Lama Tsomo, a longtime student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. The book outlines the basic views of the Tibetan tradition and examples of some of its practices for the interested modern reader.”
“Lama Tsomo is a great guide, helping us to make mindfulness a habit and put ourselves on the path to a more fulfilling and a more joyful life.”
ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, founder of the Pulitzer-Prize–winning The Huffington Post, and author of Thrive
“An extraordinarily engaging, fascinating, pragmatic, and useful guide to happiness. A gem.”
“MARTHA BECK, life coach, columnist, O, The Oprah Magazine, and author of Fin”

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