Upcoming Retreats

At Namchak our intention is to make these workshops accessible to all. If the program costs present a financial barrier, please get in touch with us. We also offer stipends to help offset the cost of childcare. Please contact amanda@namchak.org  for more information regarding tuition and stipends.

Shamata Retreat

Shamata and Exploring Mindfulness of Body and Feeling: Vipassana Retreat (Level 2) – Spring 2021

More info and registration coming soon!

Ready for Exploring Mindfulness of Body and Feeling: Vipassana Retreat (Level 2)?

This retreat will focus on the simple, time-tested practice of insight meditation or Vipassana. If mindfulness meditation (or Shamata) is like mowing down the weeds as they crop up in our minds, we can use insight meditation (Vipassana) to pull them out by the roots. We do this by penetrating through the appearances of things, to the essential nature of the outer world we’re perceiving, and the essential nature of the perceiver—ourselves. Spend a weekend learning this time honored and scientifically proven technique to gain real freedom by stepping ever more into your true self.

Who This Workshop is For:
This retreat is part two of our Vipassana series and is suited for anyone who wants to examine the why and what of Vipassana meditation. All participants should have received Khen Rinpoche’s first level of Vipassana teachings.

Coming Spring 2021

Namchak’s Ngöndro Retreat

Ngöndro is the essential or “preliminary practice” in Tibetan Buddhism, requiring commitment and support it means “something which precedes.” In a direct and very practical way, these preliminary practices are methods which allow us, most efficiently, to purify negativity and accumulate merit. They bring forth our fullest potential while removing the veils which keep us from experiencing and expressing our Enlightened nature. In this online retreat, Khenpo Rinpoche will discuss the different practices of the Ngöndro, paint a picture of the sequence and how to practice, and help us to begin clearing our karma through dialogue and contemplation.

Who This Workshop is For:
This retreat is for students that are currently practicing the Ngöndro. Contact jessica@namchak.org for more information about the program and getting started.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the Namchak lineage including stories, history, and more about Vajrayana Buddhism here.

We also have a Preparing for Retreat Guide that provides students with additional resources, steps for preparing for a retreat, connecting to community, Namchak’s guiding values, and more.

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