Meditation eCourses

Cultivate Spaciousness and Joy in
Your Life and the Lives of Others

Our meditation eCourses are intended to help new and intermediate meditators learn more about mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhist concepts, and foundational practices that can be used daily.

Each eCourse is completely free, self-paced and includes reflection questions and practices for embodying the teachings or concepts. We have curated Lama Tsomo’s guided meditations, ancient Vajrayana teachings, inspiring anecdotes, retreat footage, and much more, to help you cultivate more spaciousness and ultimately joy in your life and the lives of others.

Always Smiling eCourse: Part 1

eCourse Introduction: Our Always Smiling eCourse is designed to support students who are just beginning their meditation journeys. We’ve long known that the benefits of meditation are many and include reduced blood pressure, a stronger immune system, reduced stress, and greater happiness. Yet most of us aren’t sure how to get started. In this special four-week online course, Lama Tsomo teaches meditation in an accessible and meaningful way, and shares age-old, time-tested practices in her signature playful style. You’ll also learn personal leadership skills and come away with tips and tools to bring lessons learned on the cushion into the world, ultimately leading to a sense of greater meaning, connection, and happiness in life.

Who is this for: Beginner Meditators or New Namchak Students
Course Length: Self-Study or Four Weeks
What You’ll Gain: Meditation practices, tips for starting and sustaining a practice and foundational Buddhist concepts including Dharma: Study, Buddha: Practice, and Sangha: Community.

Always Smiling eCourse: Part 2

eCourse Introduction: Part two of our Always Smiling eCourse continues to introduce you to Tibetan Buddhist practices for bringing more joy and peace into your daily life. This self-paced eCourse expands upon some of the foundational concepts taught in Part 1, including the Buddha, The Sangha, and Dharma.
Who is this for: Beginner Meditators, New Namchak Students. Ideally for students who have completed Part One.
Course Length: Self-Study or Four Weeks
What You’ll Gain: Insights into Buddhist and contemplative practice, step-by-step meditation practices and tips for carrying your practice forward.

Flip Your Perspective: An Intro to Mind Training

eCourse Introduction: Tibetan Buddhist practice has an ancient way of training one’s mind, called Lojong. This practice has been refined over centuries and is now scientifically proven to improve mood and increase focus. But you don’t need to be a Buddhist—or any specific religion at all, for that matter—to benefit from its extensive lessons and practices.
In this short series, Lama Tsomo has chosen a few key elements of Lojong to help you begin to train your mind and flip your perspective of everyday experiences. These small but profound shifts will help you experience yourself and the world around you differently, with greater insight, compassion, and productivity.

Who is this for: Meditators & Non-meditators interested in handling stress and life’s challenges with more resiliency.
Course Length: Self-paced or One Week
What You’ll Gain: Tools and prompts for working with adversity, including Maxims for contemplation and practice.

Shamata: Tibetan Style

eCourse introduction: This self-paced eCourse is based around a Namchak Shamata Retreat practice. Shamata is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice meaning Calm Abiding or Peaceful Resting. The purpose of this practice is to bring your often-unrestful minds to a state of relaxation. You can imagine your disturbed (not at peace) mind as a pot of boiling water. Developing your Shamata practice is a method of bringing that water to a peaceful state.
Who is this for: Beginner to Advanced Meditators interested in looking for tangible ways to focus and calm their mind.
Course Length: Self-Paced or One Week
What You’ll Gain: Meditation practices for focusing and calming your mind.

Lojong: 28 Days of Mind Training

eCourse Introduction: In this extended Lojong series, Lama Tsomo takes you on a deeper dive into the key elements of the Tibetan practice of Lojong. This eCourse provides teachings, personal anecdotes, guided meditations, and journal prompts from Lama Tsomo giving you tools and practices to train your mind and flip your perspective of everyday experiences. These small but profound shifts will help you experience yourself and the world around you differently, with greater insight, compassion, and productivity. This eCourse is designed for participants to complete one session per day for 28 days, but you can savor each day and practice as long as you’d like!

Who is this for: Ideal for students who found our “Flip Your Perspective” eCourse beneficial
Course Length: 28 Days or Self-Paced
What You’ll Gain: 28 Maxims for contemplation revolving around themes such as cultivating gratitude, inviting awareness into your day, practicing acceptance for what is, and investigating the nature of our human experience.

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