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Namchak is dedicated to sharing one of the oldest forms of Tibetan Buddhist practice and making the teachings newly accessible to Westerners. Students learn from Tibetan masters as well as Western teachers and receive support from a vibrant community. We serve students on every step of the path, from those exploring meditation for the first time to more experienced students. We offer various learning programs, including in-person teaching, small group learning, bi-coastal retreats, online courses, and soon-to-be-established residential retreats at the Namchak Retreat Ranch in Montana. In coming years, we will offer everything from introductory retreats to Dzogchen, the most profound practice in our tradition, and weekend retreat, to the traditional three-year retreat.

Manager of Publications Position Summary

Manager of Publications Position Summary


Reports to: Managing Director

Role Type:  Full time, 40 hours per week

Schedule: Monday – Friday, 8 am-5 pm

Rate of Pay: Starting salary of $40 per hour

Benefits: Health, dental, vision, life insurance, PTO, and 401(k) retirement plan.

Location: Missoula office


About Namchak
Namchak is dedicated to sharing one of the oldest forms of Tibetan Buddhist practice and making the teachings accessible to Westerners. Students learn from Tibetan masters as well as Western teachers, and receive support from a vibrant community. We serve students on every step of the path, from those exploring meditation for the first time to more experienced students, all the way through traditional lama training, for those who want to take it that far.


We offer various learning programs, including in-person teachings, retreats, small group learning, bi-coastal retreats, and online courses. All of our offerings are currently online due to safety concerns around Covid-19. We hope to get back to hosting in-person events in the near future! Eventually, we will host residential retreats at the Namchak Retreat Ranch in Montana (currently under construction). Once construction is complete, we will offer introductory retreats, weekend retreats, 10-30 day retreats,  traditional retreats, and Dzogchen, the most profound practice in our tradition.


The Namchak office community is best characterized as friendly, collaborative, hard-working, highly supportive, and passionate about their work. Because the organization recognizes the value of various points of view and places great value on cultural enrichment, Namchak respects and encourages workplace diversity. The unifying feature is the deep dedication of the entire staff to making this liineage’s time-tested tools available for anyone to use, to help everyone live a more satisfying, awakened life.


Namchak’s offices are located in the breathtaking and vibrant Missoula, Montana, home to the University of Montana. Missoula has been listed as one of the greatest places to live in the United States, featuring excellent public and private schools, family-friendly amenities, an attractive cost of living, and superior quality of life. Nestled in the Northern Rockies of Montana, between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Missoula is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, yet also comes with an abundance of restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, art galleries, bookstores, and breweries to fit all budgets and tastes. It is a place of small-town values and urban amenities.


About Namchak Publishing Company
Namchak Publishing Company LLC was created to support and promote the growth, study, and practice of the Namchak lineage through the publication and offerings of books and practice supports. We support dharma students both brand new and deeply experienced, by providing practice resources and opportunities to establish or deepen knowledge of the Namchak lineage. To this end, Namchak Publishing maintains two main branches of publications. The sacred text branch consists of liturgies, commentaries, and biographies –  many of which are being translated from Tibetan to English. The popular text branch consists of content designed to introduce a Western audience to Tibetan Buddhist practice anchored by the Ancient Wisdom for Our Time series. The Manager of Publications has a unique opportunity to work closely with and learn from Tibetan scholars.


Additionally, we work closely with the Namchak Foundation to further a shared mission dedicated to sharing one of the oldest forms of Tibetan Buddhist practice and making the teachings accessible to Westerners.


Role Description
The Manager of Publications oversees the publication process for all Namchak publications. This position also manages and oversees Namchak’s translation staff and vendors involved in publications and supporting materials (workbooks, discussion guides, podcasts, etc.). This position also supports special projects in Namchak’s education and outreach efforts.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities
Namchak Translations & Publications

  • Manage translation and publication of Namchak Lineage liturgies, commentaries, and biographies, including popular and sacred texts
    • Create, support, and monitor workflow and timelines of translations and broader publications
    • Coordinate with spiritual leaders and legal counsel
    • Create and manage the budget for Publications
    • Monitor and manage vendor costs to stay within budget requirements
  • Coordinate with multiple departments to determine translation needs for curriculum, events, etc.
  • Manage the creation of visual and artistic material for sacred and popular texts
  • Coordinate corresponding rights/ownership of artistic and written materials with legal counsel
  • Oversee design and layout of materials to ensure high-quality results
  • Assess, and problem solve issues with publications
  • Facilitate the negotiation of contracts with new vendors

Publications Distribution

  • Oversee contractor to coordinate printing and shipping of liturgies, commentaries, and biographies of popular and sacred texts
  • Coordinate quotes and prices for all aspects of proofing, editing, book design, printing, and distribution

Namchak Translators & Vendors

  • Support translation team of four by providing timelines, deadlines, priorities, and clear expectations
  • Maintain ongoing communication between translators, spiritual leaders and Namchak staff and coordinate weekly meeting with translators
  • Create and maintain relationships with editors, proofreaders, layout artists, graphic artists, legal counsel, Namchak leadership, printing staff, and various vendors or contractors to complete publications
  • Ensure efficiency and timeliness of translation and publication processes
  • Plan and staff two annual retreats for Namchak translators and spiritual leaders
  • Work closely with Namchak spiritual leaders in editing and workflow of translation projects
  • Provide weekly updates to the Namchak leadership team

Support for Education and Outreach (E&O)

  • Support maintenance of the Namchak Publishing website with the E&O team
  • Assist in developing educational curriculum as needed
  • Assist in the creation of supportive workbooks for eCourses and Namchak books as needed

Overseeing the Sangha Store

  • Source practice materials and provide descriptions for the store website
  • Work with IT staff to maintain and update the website
  • Ensure that onsite orders are fulfilled

Qualifications & Skills

  • 3+ years of project management experience
  • Relevant experience in publishing and production required; experience in academic publications helpful
  • Highly organized with proven experience managing cross-functional teams, building processes, project management, and release schedules; including the ability to influence, negotiate and achieve results with non-direct reports
  • Excellent communication skills: the ability to clearly communicate, advocate, and delegate in written and oral formats about ideas, instructions, questions, etc. This includes cross-cultural communication and working with diverse populations
  • Ability to provide project management leadership skills and interact with upper level management
  • Adaptable to changes and ambiguity in work (i.e., shifting requirements, timelines, specifications, etc.)
  • A team player who effectively integrates, motivates, and builds relationships with local and remote Namchak staff and leadership, key stakeholders, and individuals/organizations involved in the project
  • History of leadership skills and proactive problem solving
  • Experience with the development and tracking of budgets; preferably in the literary and publishing field
  • Technologically savvy; experience with Asana, Slack, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Zoom, Calendar Management


Preferred Skills (Not Required)

  • Knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Academic background
  • Typing speed of 60 words per minute
  • Experience using Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Interested in personal transformation, health, and well being
If Interested

Please send your resume and cover letter to Opportunities@namchak.org no later than January 2.

Equal opportunity is a fundamental principle and core value at Namchak, where employment is based upon personal capabilities, competencies, and qualifications. We are committed to ensuring that job applicants and staff are not discriminated against regardless of race, creed, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, sex, or sexual orientation/gender expression.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet ALL of the qualifications. Experience and career paths are unique to each applicant. We encourage you to explore how your previous experience may fit our qualifications in different ways.