Practicing Together

Meditating with Others is Key

Namchak supports multiple ways to practice meditation with others.

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Join a meditation group, at Namchak we call them Learning Circles
Connection Despite Distance

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Contact [email protected] for more information on any of these options.

Learning Circles: Connecting with others for meaningful experiences

When we explore meditation in community, it becomes a richer experience. We keep coming back to the group to feel the deep connection and meaning. At Namchak we seek to provide Learning Circles with support and tools to create truly fruitful learning environments, apply spiritual insight in a group-oriented, practical way, and ultimately make the world a better place. We encourage you to come together in groups with family and friends to practice meditation, talk together about the ideas and your experiences—your challenges and victories small and large—and share how mindfulness might be impacting your daily lives.

Join an Existing Learning Circle

Find meditation groups in your area to learn, practice, and explore with others.

Initiate A Learning Circle

Thinking about starting a Learning Circle? Please send us your info and we’ll send you a step-by-step toolkit.

Helping you get started:
The Learning Circle Toolkit

Namchak’s Learning Circle Toolkit offers new students easy-to-follow steps to start a Learning Circle, maintain a supportive environment, and enhance Learning Circle facilitation skills. We outline a format and timeline for a group meeting, offer Guiding Questions to help you and your group decide how you’d like to spend the time, and provide links to content and resources to support you. Download the toolkit today!

Sangha Resources for Wisdom and Connection

Utilize Namchak’s Learning Circle resources page to continue developing your wisdom. Engage in active dialogue with your Learning Circle group through our monthly themes, articles, videos, how to’s and more. This resource is a digital space geared towards cultivating community, dialogue, wisdom, and mindfulness. 

Other Resources

Morning Meditations 

Whether you desire accountability for your meditation practice, hope to create a daily meditation routine, or want to feel the support of meditating with others, Namchak is offering a great opportunity to steady and deepen your practice in all of these ways. Each weekday morning starting at 7 am PT/ 8 am MT/ 9 am CT/ 10 am ET, Namchak community members come together to meditate. Hosted by volunteer members of our Sangha, these morning meditations are a chance to start each weekday with a dose of Dharma. Learn more HERE.   


Our meditation eCourses are intended to help new and intermediate meditators learn more about mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhist concepts, and foundational practices that can be used daily.

All of our eCourses are free, self-paced, and include reflection questions and practices for embodying the teachings or concepts of Tibetan Buddhism.

Guided Meditations

Explore our growing library of guided meditations with Lama Tsomo. From Tonglen practice, to Loving Kindness, to Shamata, lean on these practices to help you grow in dharma.

Our blog

Check out excerpts from Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?, teaching videos, and articles at the Namchak blog. Use content for group discussion and questions.*

Connect with other practitioners

Contact [email protected] to find a Namchak mentor, ask about in-person support for your practice, or to locate a Learning Circle near you and connect with other students coming together to meditate and make the world a better place.

Take on a service project

What’s your unique offering to the world? How can you support both your mind and your community? Bring wisdom, skillful means, and compassion together, and get your group out in the world for a service project. You can find organizations and movements that are centered on personal, community, and world change within our Shared Organizations directory, and learn more about Taking Your Practice into the World HERE. Contact [email protected] for any questions and to get started!

* Sometimes spelled “Sang-Ngag”

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