Taking a Breath

Taking a Breath:
Meditation and Reflection Journal

Learn the 7-Point Posture for meditation
Make meditation a sustainable habit
Enhance your sense of calm and focus
Increase your ability to feel a connection with yourself and others
Understand the biological impact of meditation
Expand your ability to align your intentions with your actions

Your practice. Your reflections.
A guide for Your Journey.


Ground Yourself in the Basics
Taking a Breath starts with the foudandational elements of meditation, from your environment to your motivation. This grounding is helpful if you’re just starting out with meditation, or you’re working on creating a consistent, daily practice.

Teachings. Guidance. Understanding.
Each section of the journal provides you with the context and background information for the meditation you are learning along with practical guidance for the mediation, information on the scientifically proven changes you’re experiencing and the space to contemplate and record how the meditations are impacting you.

One journal, Many Paths.

Letters from Lama Tsomo
Three foundational meditation practices
Inspirational quotes from teachers
Habit creation and meditation milestones
Reflection and inquiry questions
Space to journal and sketch
Tibetan Buddhist illustrations
Stories from the meditation path
Guidance for meditation with others