What Is Vipassana?

Vipassana is a meditation technique originating from India that was rediscovered nearly 2,500 years ago by the Buddha. Vipassana means “to see things clearly” or to experience “sublime insight.” If mindfulness meditation (or Shamata) is like mowing down the weeds as they crop up in our minds, we can use insight meditation (Vipassana) to pull them out by the roots.

We do this by penetrating through the appearances of things, to the essential nature of the outer world we’re perceiving, and the essential nature of the perceiver—ourselves. The Vipassana technique involves building our faculties of awareness and scanning the body for sensations. Utilizing observation and building equanimity through practice, Vipassana meditation can help us move through life’s ups and downs without reacting with craving and aversion. Read more about Vipassana in our blog post here. 

Namchak’s Vipassana Retreats

Our Vipassana retreats are currently being held online and are taught by Namchak Khenpo Rinpoche. We offer the retreats as a 3-Part Series to help students learn the techniques properly and apply them in their everyday lives. Our retreats focus on providing the foundational methodologies for proper practice and are taught within the Tibetan style. Currently the retreat structure provides 90% of the time for the teachings and 10% to meditation. We recommend meditating before morning sessions, during the mid-afternoon break session and or after the evening discourse. Vipassana retreats must be attended in order, you can view our upcoming retreat schedule here.

Introduction to Vipassana: Insight Meditation Retreat (Level 1)

– Fall 2021


Exploring Mindfulness of Body and Feeling: Vipassana Retreat (Level 2)

– April 9-11 2021. 


Exploring Mindfulness of Mind and Phenomena: Vipassana Retreat (Level 3)

– Fall 2021