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4 Guided Meditations to Invigorate Your Practice

With the change of seasons comes the opportunity to reinvigorate our practice. Whether you’re feeling burned out or just ready for a change, here are some of our favorite guided meditations for you to try.

Clearing the Stale Energies. Not sure how to start off your sit? We’ve got you! Follow along as Lama Tsomo guides you through a Tibetan breath practice that includes visualizations to help clear your channels for your meditation session. It’s also great as a stand-alone practice.

Loving Kindness Meditation. If you’re looking to cultivate a loving, open heart, look no further. Led by meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, this 15-minute meditation takes you through a set of compassionate phrases that leave you feeling more grounded and loving towards yourself and others.

Tonglen. Listen as Lama Tsomo leads you through a Tonglen, or compassion practice. You’ll focus on turning outward to others, with attention on taking in and easing their suffering while sending them compassion.

Compassion & Equanimity Meditation. A complementary practice to Loving Kindness and Tonglen, this 20-minute meditation by meditation teacher and author Jack Kornfield helps practitioners focus on serving the world instead of becoming attached to the way things are “supposed” to be.

Looking for more guided mediations from Lama Tsomo? Check out the full selection on our website.
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Published on Sep 24 09 : 00 am