Taking Your Practice into the World:
Engaged Bodhicitta

“Compassion is of little value if it just remains an idea. It must motivate how we respond to others and be reflective in all our thoughts and actions.” – HH Dalai Lama


What is Bodhicitta?

Bodhicitta” means “awakening heart/mind.” Bodhicitta is being awake to our not being separate. With insight, we see how we are not separate, and with Bodhicitta, we can feel how we are not separate. It’s our resting in that strong feeling of the truth that we are all waves on the ocean AND the ocean, all at the same time. From that place of deep, ultimate connection, compassion and love is quite natural.


Types of Bodhicitta

The two kinds of Bodhicitta are Aspirational and Engaged. With Aspirational, we utilize our practices to expand our inner capacity for connection. Once you’ve developed those resources a bit, you’re ready to add the Engaged Bodhicitta. At this point, you’re naturally inspired to get up and act from that love and compassion—to help your fellow waves.

Taking Your Practice into the World

We encourage Learning Circle members to contemplate how they feel called to bring their practice into their relationships and the world—and put those thoughts into action.

Organizations for Change

While we do not organize campaigns or service projects, we have created a space for individuals to share organizations, movements, actions that they are engaged in to help connect and spark ideas for us all. You can find a full list of organizations and movements to help you engage bodhicitta and bring your practice into the world, HERE.

If you would like to share an organization, please use this form.

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