Compassion in Action Network

The Compassion In Action Network is a movement and community of young people working to create a happy, just and flourishing world. Students and youth have always been at the forefront of changing the world, and today’s rising generation knows that our challenges are interconnected and that we need inner and outer change. In partnership with young people and older allies across North America, we are growing a network of next generation leaders who are waking up together and acting with compassion for the benefit of all.

Campus Chapters

Campus Chapters

Compassion in Action Chapters are campus and community based groups of young people that engage in meditation practice, building community, and creating meaningful social change. Chapters host weekly or bi-weekly learning circles, social events, team meetings, and opportunities to help create a more just, compassionate, and connected world.

Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

The Compassion in Action Fellowship is a yearlong inner & outer change journey that supports undergraduate students in learning meditation practice, building community, and engaging in meaningful social change. Applications for our 2021 – 2022 Fellowship are now open.
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Summer Immersion

Beginning in 2024, there will be opportunities for students to study and practice at the Namchak Retreat Ranch in Western Montana. You will learn foundational Tibetan Buddhist practices, personal leadership skills from the Academy for the Love of Learning®, and how to take your practice into the world through engaged activism.

Start a Chapter on your Campus or in your Community

Chapter members receive a wide range of benefits:

  • Being part of an inspiring community and developing authentic friendships that can last a lifetime
  • Learning time-tested and science-backed Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices that you can use to decrease your stress, increase your focus, and improve your overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Developing life and leadership skills for creating personal, interpersonal, and social change
  • Participating in meditation retreats and receiving guidance from Tibetan and Western experts
  • Making a meaningful contribution to ending suffering and creating a world that works for all

To learn more about our Compassion in Action chapters, how they work, and to help start one, contact our team below.