Oct 25 2024
Walking the Path - Vipassana Retreat

Walking the Path – Vipassana Retreat

In-person in Montana and Online

This Vipassana retreat is part of the Walking the Path program and is open only to students within the program. Students will learn about the practice of Vipassana. Calm Abiding practice alone cannot eliminate our afflictive mental and emotional states or give us insight into the nature of reality. In this retreat, students will learn about Profound Insight (Vipassana) meditation. When we practice Profound Insight meditation, we gain insight into the nature of the ultimate truth. It is the combination of Calm Abiding, and Profound Insight practices that help us gain a deeper understanding of reality.


Dates: October 25, 26, 27 + Silent Retreat 28 & 29

Location: The Bodhi House at the Namchak Retreat Ranch in Hot Springs, Montana

Teachers: Namchak Khen Rinpoche, together with translator Justin Kirkwood

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