Oct 18 2024

Walking the Path – Shamata Retreat

In-person in Montana and Online

This Shamata retreat is part of the Walking the Path program and is open only to students within the program. Students will learn about the practice of Calm Abiding or Shamata. This practice serves as the foundation for all other practices and is suitable for those just starting to meditate as well as experienced practitioners. This technique develops our power of attention and brings our coarse and subtle thoughts to a restful state. In other words, it is bringing the mind to a peaceful state and then abiding in that peaceful state. This practice helps us develop basic mindfulness or awareness of our thoughts. As we cultivate habits of seeing and relating to our own inner and outer worlds in a new way, we will likely experience more ease and peace.


Dates: October 18, 19, 20 + Silent Retreat 21 & 22

Location: The Bodhi House at the Namchak Retreat Ranch in Hot Springs, Montana

Teachers: Namchak Khen Rinpoche, together with translator Justin Kirkwood

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