Rotating Shared Leadership Roles for Learning Circles

The person in this role guides the group through an easy agenda in a timely and respectful manner. They bring the content, questions, and resources, and help maintain the flow of the conversation, allowing all voices to be acknowledged.

The person in this role will send out a message or email to the Circle a few days before the gathering, reminding everyone of the day/time, online link and/or physical location for the upcoming Circle, and of the role each person has assumed for the upcoming Circle along with role explanations if necessary. This person keeps track of the meeting time to ensure that everyone’s time commitment is honored, keeps track of everyone’s sharing times (if that has been agreed upon), and lets the facilitator know when there are 10 minutes remaining. 

Keeper of the Heart
This person starts off the Circle by leading the moment of silence, reading the group agreements, and dedicates the merit at the end of the Circle. This person also helps to hold space throughout the circle and notices if things get off track. Provides reminders of the group agreements and approved agenda for the meeting.

The Circle member assuming this role is responsible for taking brief notes during the meeting with the intention of sending a message or email to the group after the meeting has concluded. This message will include a brief summary of what content and questions were discussed, what meditations were practiced together including links and resources, and any material that members may need to view for “homework.”

Community Connector
This role sends out inspiring material in between Circles in order to keep everyone engaged, connected and motivated around their practice. This may include sharing quotes, stories, images, or other encouraging content.

The Provider (for in-person Circles)
This person is responsible for providing snacks for the Circle, as well as for the set-up, break-down, and cleaning of the space if needed.