How Do We Handle Difficult Conversations in Our Learning Circles?

We all may have experienced that no matter how much love, trust, and connection we feel in any relationship or community, inevitably, something difficult will arise and threaten to shatter those connections if not handled in a skillful way. How do we stay grounded in our truth, compassionate in our hearts, and spacious in our minds to hold the good, the bad, and the growth that is possible in these moments of uncomfortable opportunity? Let’s explore this topic in our own lives and within our Learning Circle Communities, so we can ultimately bring more skillful awareness to these pivotal moments for growth, healing, and connection.
Take a few moments to journal your responses to the following questions.
Then we will share with a partner first and then the group at large.

Personal Reflection

  • What, if anything, makes you uncomfortable around having difficult conversations? If you do not feel uncomfortable, why might that be?
  • Are there certain conversations that make you feel more uncomfortable than others? Why might that be?
  • What do you see as the benefits of having difficult conversations?

New Growth in the Process

  • Out of these difficult conversations, has your circle grown in any way together? Regressed? Adopted any new agreements and/or systems for handling conflict?
  • If so, what are these new agreements and/or systems and how have those been working?

Greatest Take-Aways

  • What have been your greatest take-aways or insights from having moved through these difficult conversations either in your Learning Circles or other relationships and/or communities? If you distilled some of this wisdom to share with others, what would you say?