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Volunteering Can Make You a More Mindful Person

Volunteering is a fantastic way to become engaged with the community we live in – and even those we don’t!

Below are a few ways volunteering can help us become more mindful.

When we volunteer we tend to focus outwards on others which can help give us a sense of purpose. This singular focus gives us a chance to remain fully present in the moment. We start to think how we can help others and recognize that we have the power to have a positive, powerful impact on others’ lives.

Besides feeling fulfilled, we can become actively engaged with people and communities that we normally wouldn’t interact with daily. We can experience different cultures which can open our eyes to how alike we are and increase our cultural sensitivity.

Helping others allows us to help ourselves. It boosts our confidence in our strengths and creates a new sense of community, connection, and compassion.

Looking for more ways to create meaningful connections in community? Visit our Learning Circle page to find a meditation group in your area to learn, practice, and explore with others.

Published on Mar 22 09 : 00 am