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The Power of Altruistic Intent

Do you ever wonder how your practice can help you become more altruistic? Altruism and compassion are even more important during these uncertain times. Altruism at its core is giving selflessly to others with no thought of benefit for yourself. One way to cultivate this habit of mind is through mind training, or Lojong.

Lojong is a practice said to have been created by Atisha Dipankara, a 10th-century Buddhist master, and redefined later by Geshe Chekawa, a Tibetan teacher. Geshe Chekawa took the works of Atisha and organized them into 59 sayings around seven themes. These slogans are meant to guide you on the path of the bodhisattva.

These sayings break down complex ideas into easy concepts for everyday people to understand the world around them, their meditation practice, and themselves. What time could be better to learn this practice than today, when we’re struggling with meantal health to adjust to a new normal at a fast rate and facing an uncertain future or altruistic behavior?

If you’re ready to dive deeper, visit our free Lojong ecourse here.

Published on May 29 09 : 00 am