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The Neuroscience

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Why meditate? Well, to put it simply, because it works. Neuroscience research shows that when the brain is trained with meditation practices that our habits become a little bit different—and for the better.

See below for some recent and exciting meditation research developments in the scientific field.

This New York Times article covers the study by Carnegie Mellon University, which shows a measured reduction in unhealthy cellular inflammation with mindfulness meditation training.

This article from Rutgers summarizes recent research from the university that suggests meditation, in combination with exercise, is remarkably successful in fighting depression.

This piece from Developmental Psychology details research from researcher and friend of Namchak, Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin. Results show that a mindfulness-based curriculum at the preschool level helps in building healthy social behavior and self-regulatory skills.

Published on Oct 04 09 : 00 am