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The Compassion in Action Fellowship – Jordyn

The Compassion in Action Fellowship is a yearlong inner & outer change program that supports college and university student leaders in learning meditation practice, building community, and promoting social change. The fellowship integrates ancient and modern wisdom to support young leaders of today in addressing the interconnected challenges of the 21st century.

Inspired by the path of the bodhisattva – awakened beings filled with compassion and committed to ending all suffering and benefiting all life—student fellows embark upon a journey that includes personal development, community building, shared learning, and collaborative action as they transform their lives, campus, and society.

In this third year of the program, we are excited to partner with students and campuses across the United States and Canada, working to create a happy, just and flourishing world. Read on to learn about Temple University student Jordyn!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jordyn, and I am in my fourth year at Temple University in Philadelphia. Go Birds!! I have lived in the Philadelphia suburbs my whole life but have lived in Philly for the past four years. I am the youngest of four older brothers, but have a whopping total of seven siblings between my brothers and stepsisters. Guess you can say I am used to working with and being surrounded by people!

What’s your major and why did you choose it?

I am studying Secondary Education and English at Temple’s College of Human Development. I am planning to teach upon graduating in any grade under my certification, 7th-12th. Currently, I am working with 7th graders and absolutely adoring it! I have always been drawn to careers that have a foothold in humanities and helping people.

What drew you to the CiA Fellowship?

In my third year at Temple, after the dust finally settled from COVID-19, I was looking to reroot myself in my community both at Temple and beyond. I was looking for a sense of community after being shut in for so long, and looking to broaden my academic journey along the way.

What are your goals for the semester?

My primary goals are to 1) foster a sense of community within our own growing chapter here at Temple, and to 2) start digging our heels into community outreach and service.

What’s been happening in your chapter?

Within our own chapter, we have endured a few bumps in the road, but are better for it! Fortunately, the prior fellows left my chapter with big shoes to fill but a fantastic leadership model to follow. Our chapter has secured a greenhouse-esque room with windows for the ceiling and walls within our university’s student center and heart of campus. With this prime location for centering ourselves every Monday, we have been able to begin to sink into the weekly Learning Circles for the second semester of the fellowship.

What are you getting out of the fellowship so far?
The biggest takeaway from this fellowship is how to interact with others. Coming out of the almost two-year-long shut down, I felt it was essential to reestablish my skills with collaboration and with maintaining relationships. This fellowship has given me the opportunity to meet young scholars from all across the US and learn new perspectives to add to my own scrapbook of knowledge. I am grateful for the relationships this fellowship has given me.

What types of meditations are currently resonating with you and why?
The Shamatha meditation has been really useful in opening our weekly sessions. It gives everyone the opportunity to come in and calm and center their energies. This meditation usually leaves the group with a blanket of peace, despite the chaos going on outside of our greenhouse room.

What social causes do you feel passionate about and why?
Especially pertaining to Philadelphia, I am most interested in cleaning up and maintaining the community around our university. Temple resides in the center of a residential neighborhood, so I think it is essential to limit the negative impacts students may have on the existing community.

If you could invite anyone from the past or present to dinner, who would that be?
I love this question! I would really like to talk to Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. I want to ask where she was buried and how they built those pyramids! I would love to know the answers to the multitude of questions surrounding Ancient Egypt.

What does a more compassionate world look like to you?
A more compassionate world looks like people assuming the best in a stranger before judgment based on any variable.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?
“Everything is an illusion. Everything is also real at the same time.”

How can people join your chapter?
People join our chapter through an organization outreach website hosted by Temple University or email [email protected].

We will be accepting application for the Compassion in Action Fellowship 2023-2024 soon. Click HERE to learn more!