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Meditation Can Make You Courageous

Courage – it’s not just a word to describe people who commit to larger-than-life acts of bravery. We can turn the lens of courage on ourselves by reframing not only how we define it, but also how we cultivate it. Since meditation allows us to come to self, it can create an inner resiliency that allows us to be more courageous.

Here are three ways that meditation can help us tame fear to become braver.

Be daring. It’s easy to fall into the comfortable routine of everyday reactions and situations, but these can stifle your growth as a person. Janette Scott writes on Art of Living that meditation can develop our inner strength, allow us to step more fully into our authentic selves, and find true courage by living in the present.

Be aware. When fear has us in its clutches, relief can feel nonexistent. In this article on Big Questions Online, Michael Baime, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, describes how meditation helps us develop the awareness we need to observe our fear without feeling afraid, and to recognize that fear is part of the beauty of being alive.

Be habitual. It can be hard to think of courage building as a skill that can be developed through habit – but it can be! Kate Swoboda, author and creator of, states in an article for Greater Good Magazine that just as our fear response is habitual, we can counteract it by developing a strong courage habit. She describes four different ways to instill courage into our lives and how doing so will help us be more aware of our own fear patterns when they arise.

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Published on Mar 28 09 : 00 am