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How Self-Compassion Can Fuel Compassion Towards Others

Self-compassion is the basis from which we draw compassion for others, but it can be tough to cultivate. In our Western culture, self-love is often seen as narcissistic and we feel that we have to earn the privilege of being able to have self-compassion and receive compassion from others. What if being human is enough?

One way to start developing a self-compassion practice is on the cushion. The next time you’re on the cushion, come to your breath and think about why you’re there. Start simply and don’t push yourself too fast. Slowly dig deep and explore all of the layers until you get to the truest meaning. It’s here that we reach the taproot of humanity and are able to notice that we’re not so separate after all.

By coming to the cushion with a target of self-compassion in mind, we have a better chance of hitting it. When we’re able to feel empathy for ourselves, it creates a ripple effect that extends to the world around us.