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Five Ways to Try Out Mindful Eating – and avoid the dreaded New Year’s diet

Does the way we eat matter as much as what we eat? During a time of year riddled with culinary temptation, consider examining the way you interact with the food that fuels you.

  1. Sharing this moment with your food: We all know that truly living in the moment has the power to enrich our lives. Now, consider all those moments spent eating: rich opportunities for increasing our daily joy! Guardian editor Morwenna Ferrier describes her week-long experience with mindful eating – and why it stuck.
  2. Simple advice for mindful eating: If you are ready to try out a more present relationship with your food, this list of tips from Amanda Schupak at Self is a great place to start.
  3. A cookbook with meditations to match: “What if we ate our meals while really feeling the nourishment that it is about to give our whole body?” Gina Turner interviews Cassandra Bodzak (creator of Eat With Intention TV) for Magnetic Magazine and discovers that eating with intention completely transformed this meditation and wellness teacher’s life.
  4. Utilize all your senses. Experts agree that intention surrounding our meals makes a big difference. Marc David, author and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, offers six tips for improving your interactions with food in his piece for Experience Life.
  5. Playing with your food: Check out our webinar that aims to help you ‘honor your plate’ and bring more skillful enjoyment to the experience of eating.

Published on Dec 27 09 : 00 am