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Adults Need Playtime, Too

It’s time to throw out the notion that play time is only for kids. As adults, we often cling to the idea that we need to be serious. Turns out, research shows that playtime is a healthy way to reset, grow creativity, and build community for us adults, too!

Here are some tips for including play into your routine:

Include Play Every Day. Since play can drastically shift your outlook, before engaging in an activity, set an intention of how you would like to feel afterwards. Make chores or errands more fun with music, food, and imagination. Track how you feel before, during, and after your play in a thought journal so you can come back and see how it’s positively affecting your life.

Make a Playdate. Find a community event or workshop on a completely new topic and make a date to go by yourself or with a friend. Changing routines to include new activities can stimulate new ideas and help create relationships with people outside our usual social circle.

Turn Self-Care Routine into Play. Add flare into your meditation practice with candles, incense, or essential oils. Find a guided meditation and listen to it in your backyard, in the grass, or under a tree. Practice breathwork and use it throughout the day, in your car, in the shower, or while doing the laundry.

Let us know how you incorporate play into your daily life by leaving a comment below!

Published on Jul 11 09 : 00 am