welcome letter

Tashi Delek!

I would like to extend my very best wishes to you all at this launch of the website for the Namchak Retreat Ranch, which is to provide support for many meaningful undertakings, both for people’s own benefit and for others’. It is my hope for the future that, through the spiritual practice carried out here, people may come to deal effectively with the mental turmoil and problems we face as human beings. May these efforts help them to foster true happiness and peace, thus contributing to an end to warfare and environmental decay in our world, and to the increase of all that ensures benefit and happiness, now and in times to come. I also hope that all may accomplish what is truly meaningful for this and future lifetimes.

These are my hopes and intentions, offered with my heartfelt encouragement.


Gochen Tulku Sangak*

Taipei, Taiwan

October 15, 2015

* Sometimes spelled “Sang-Ngag”