July Learning Resources

July Theme: A Review of the First Five Perfections


Reflect and discuss: 🧐

  • How has practicing each Perfection impacted your life? 
  • What are the afflictive mental and emotional states that Generosity, Ethical Discipline, Patience, Joyful Effort, and Meditative Concentration help alleviate?
  • Which Perfection has been the most challenging to practice and why?

Listen: 🎧

Practice: 🧘🏽‍♂️

  • Sixteen-minute Meditation for Tuning into Wisdom through Sensation: Using the grounding practice of Shamata, we focus and ultimately calm the mind. Then, Lama Tsomo guides us through a Body Scan meditation for tuning into sensation. This enables us to develop equanimity for what is, so we can move through our day with more wisdom, awareness, and ease.

This month’s book recommendation from Namchak teacher Justin Kirkwood: 📚

  • Ornament of Precious Liberation by Gampopa*

  • From Justin:
    “I have been teaching from the Ornament of Precious Liberation by Gampopa. I find it has a great balance of concise and complete explanations. It is somewhat technical and many passages are taught from the perspective of a renunciate monk or yogi. It is important to learn to take the lessons as they may apply to oneself rather than write it off as only applicable to monastics.”

    *Namchak Foundation and Lama Tsomo do not receive any monetary or other benefit from the purchase of this book.

    Learning Circle Spotlight ☸️

    This month we spotlight the Morning Meditators, a group of Namchak students who come together each weekday morning starting at 7 am PT/ 8 am MT/ 9 am CT/ 10 am ET for a 20-minute meditation. Hosted by volunteer members of our Sangha, these morning meditations are a chance to start each day with a dose of Dharma.

    Pam, from that group, had this to say:

    “We all have morning rituals. Over the years, I’ve concluded that these routines have become a habit for me because they serve at least one purpose I have identified as beneficial to me. Setting an alarm enables me the opportunity to accomplish things I’ve deemed important/desirable that day.

    “Morning coffee wakes me up and sometimes warms me up. Brushing my teeth refreshes my mouth and helps with personal hygiene. Straightening my bed appeals to my aesthetic preferences of order and neatness. Morning meditation helps ground me in the present.

    “Even though my morning routines benefit me, I’m not always consistent in doing them. It’s pretty easy to let other things such as thoughts, ideas, obligations, activities, and preferences distract me from these beneficial rituals/routines. And that’s one of the reasons I really love to do my morning meditation practice in community. Sometimes it’s easier to do something out of commitment to others than it is to keep a commitment just to myself. And when I meditate in community, the reality that I am part of a larger whole reminds me that I am not alone.”

    Keep Learning


    The Perfection of Ethical Discipline

    Can you think of one area of your life in which you became more disciplined? Maybe it was about making a meditation habit 😉, flossing, exercise, or tidying up. Whatever the actions, how did you stay motivated? What helped you stay on track? What hindered you?


    The Paramita of Generosity/Dana

    When was the last time you gave something away to which you were attached? How was that experience



    What are the components of a meaningful life?
    What might engaged bodhicitta look like in your relationships and community?


    Returning Home

    Looking back on 2022: How would you describe the last year? What are some things you can celebrate? What were some of your challenges or obstacle? What are you grateful for