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When We Heal Ourselves, We Can Heal Others

Last week on Awakin Calls, Jacques Verduin, an expert in prison rehabilitation and Founding Director and Minister of Transformation of Insight-Out and Founder of its GRIP (Guiding Rage into Power) Program, and Lama Tsomo discussed how we can help us, free ourselves from prisons of our own making. Their perspectives and life experiences come together to give a powerful message that when we heal ourselves, we can heal others.

Here are a few of the discussion points:

  • An Us vs. Them mentality exists in our society. Identifying where it exists within us is key to healing ourselves, our communities, and our world.
  • Finding our triggers and surrounding them with consciousness is vital for human connection.
  • Lama Tsomo sheds light on the issue of projection on ourselves and others. In community with others, or sangha, we have the opportunity to look deeply at these projections and learn about the stories we are telling ourselves.
  • Jacques shares moving stories of healing and transformation from his work in the prison system.
  • Both teachers share exercises for welcoming and feeling our own pain, rather than avoiding it.

The recording is still available, please try and we highly recommend taking some time to listen. Follow this link to hear the conversation. We encourage you to do the exercises with them, then in the comments let us know how it went. 

Published on Sep 17 04 : 19 pm