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Three Ways Meditation Can Make You a Better Partner

Relationships require us to grow, adapt and change. How can we use those aspects to develop our relationships into ones filled with a greater capacity for love and connection?

One way is to use the tools that meditation teaches us to make our relationships flourish.

More Compassion

Compassion is about feeling so connected to someone that we’re troubled to see them suffer, want to remove their suffering and give them happiness.Having a strong sense of self-compassiongives us a basis to extend that compassion outward to others.

Finding the Right Perspective

It can be hard to look past the splattered and warped windshields of our own reality to see someone else’s point of view. Spending more time coming home to ourselves allows us, over time, to clean a tiny bit of our windshield and see the perspectives that lie beyond.

Working in the Gap

Disagreements happen, even in the best of relationships. It’s how we react to them that determines how they affect us. When we spend time working with our mind, we’re better equipped to face challenges rooted in compassion and wisdom because we’ve become more balanced.

Relationships can be challenging but meditation allows us to adapt and grow positively within them.

Published on Feb 28 09 : 00 am