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Sangha is a key part of any meditation practice

In Tibetan Buddhist practice, the word “Sangha” refers to the community of people that surround and support you in your contemplative and spiritual journey.

Why does it matter that you have a community? Why can’t you just meditate on your own?

Yes, a person can get tremendous benefit from an individual practice. But coming together in community enriches the work even more. That’s why at Namchak we’re working to create new and innovative ways to support one another in community.

When we come together and talk about our hopes and challenges and share how meditation practice is affecting our lives, we’re practicing mindfulness in the world outside of ourselves. We’re taking the inner understandings garnered from individual meditation practice and applying them to our relationships. We’re finding ways to pause and notice what happens when we take a moment before reacting and connect with a deeper intention.

Imagine a soccer team where nobody’s had training or practice. Everyone is kicking each other as much as they’re kicking the ball. Most of the time when trying to kick the ball, they instead connect poorly, sending the ball off-course. Or they miss the ball altogether. Worse yet, in their clumsy excitement, they kick each other—ouch!

By practicing skillful means of relating to one another in Sangha, we begin to kick one another less. We move down the field together, toward the goal. Once you’ve practiced skillful means with your trusty team, you’re better equipped to deal with other, larger groups out in the world.

Consider starting a Learning Circle with people who live near you. You could even take the eCourse together as a group. Get started today!

Published on Sep 27 09 : 00 am