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Mindful Money Habits for a Prosperous 2019

The fresh beginnings of a new year can help provide focus and clarity to our goals. Below we’ve collected a handful of ways to channel this energy into making mindful money habits.

  1. Make a checklist. We all know that having a plan can help keep us accountable, but where do we start and what should be a priority? In this article from Mind Body Green, Brittney Castro, founder of Financially Wise Women, clears away any confusion and describes how you can channel 10 habits successful people use to make smart money decisions.
  2. Focus on what makes you happy. Setting personal budgets can feel like we’re depriving ourselves of all the fun things in life. Paige Oldham from Simple Mindfulness encourages us to weigh how our choices make us feel, and to strive to spend money on those that make us happy.
  3. Plan for your life stages. Planning for your financial future can be broken up into life stages, according to Melissa Lambarena at NerdWallet. Mapping your money can help you prepare for the seasonality of life.
    Money matters, and not just for adults. While some of us think that financial planning and wise money habits belong to those over the age of 18, it’s never a bad idea to plant the seed of mindful money habits with your kids. Learn five money habits to teach the kiddos with this Los Angeles Times article by Kurt Smith, a financial advisor at Guy Stuff Counseling and Coaching.

Published on Jan 17 09 : 00 am