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Journal Prompts for Introspection and Self-Awareness

Here at Namchak, we are big fans of incorporating journaling with our meditation practice. We often take time for journaling at our meditation retreats, events, and online courses. For the introverts out there, it’s a helpful way to process information and improve self awareness. Plus, if we are at an event, there isn’t always time for each of us to verbally process how a meditation practice went. Lastly, if we journal about our meditation and spiritual growth, we can look back and see how we have matured and changed along our paths.
Struggling to focus during meditation? This is normal! It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts and feelings. We can change our perspective and see this as an opportunity to improve self awareness and self reflection by writing about our distracting thoughts. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but is certainly a path of self reflection. It might be challenging to just start writing, so below you’ll find a variety of journal prompts for self awareness.

Perhaps it’s time to make a cup of tea and settle in with your favorite blanket, as we provide some journal prompts to get the wheels turning.

Journal Prompts for Relationships

Did I have any knee-jerk reactions to my partner/friends/colleagues today?

If I had it to do over again, how would I do it differently?
Keep your “replays” to three, and no more! Endless replays become plain old rumination, which isn’t learning, it’s self-torture.
How can I create meaningful connections with those around me? List three specific things.

Are there any uncomfortable conversations I am avoiding?
How can I set myself up to have this conversation?

(Hint: we LOVE Non Violent Communication for these!) Physician and author Ira Byock has written about this in The Four Things That Matter Most. He found these four things always need to be said between loved ones before one of them dies. Better yet is that they’re said while they both have time to be alive together. Listed in our favorite order:

1) Thank you.
2) I forgive you.
3) Please forgive me.
4) I love you.

Journal Prompts to Use with Your Meditation Practice

What is my purpose for meditating right now?
What is/are my ultimate long-term intention(s) for practicing meditation?
How did I feel (physically, mentally, and emotionally) before this practice? After this practice?
Was I able to allow my thoughts to pass, or not? Either way, how did that feel?

Journal Prompts for Better Sleep and Relaxation

What are three things I can complete tomorrow?
What am I grateful for today?
Think about a moment today when I felt relaxed and joyful. Visualize where I was and take a moment to draw or describe that setting with words. Most importantly, SAVOR it.

Journal Prompts for Becoming More Present

How can I set myself up to have a sustainable meditation practice?
When am I likely to avoid mindful living and what are some indicators that I am no longer mentally/emotionally/spiritually present in a moment?
What are the benefits of being more present in my life?

Daily Journal Prompts

What is a word or a phrase that I want to focus on today?
How can I take care of myself today?
What is most important to me today?

Wouldn’t it be great if….
What can I do today to make that more likely?

It is our hope that the act of journaling and active introspection will help us all to be more self-aware
humans who can bring ourselves back to the present moment and lead fulfilling lives.

Head on over to our Guided Meditations page, try a practice, and afterwards journal about your experience! If you’re enjoying writing about your meditation practice, learn more about our Taking a Breath Meditation and Reflection Journal by Lama Tsomo and the Namchak Community HERE.