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How to Truly Connect with People and Build Fulfilling Relationships

Here are three reasons why you may want to consider a Learning Circle as a way to strengthen your practice:

1. You may meditate with a stronger sense of purpose. Having others around who are on a similar journey helps instill a feeling that you and others are turning to meditation for a number of important reasons. Plus, by seeing and learning from other people’s successes, you have concrete examples of what this practice can do for you and your life.

2. You feed off the energy in the room. Think of when you practice yoga in a class or go to a concert you’re surrounded by like-minded fans. That energy you feel when everyone around is also having a deeply personal experience is incredibly empowering and creates a sense of camaraderie that is contagious. Guess what? A Learning Circle is kind of like that.

3. You feel more connected to others. One of the reasons to meditate is that by turning inward and connecting with yourself, you are better able to relate and interact with the world and those around you. By meditating in a Learning Circle and sharing your experience, you are doing both at once. The best way to know if a Learning Circle is good for you is to try one.

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Published on Dec 06 09 : 00 am