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Change Your Brain for the Better

Meditation has the power to change your brain from the better, physically! It can enhance neuropathways in your brain to improve everyday experiences and treat mental illnesses such as trauma, depression, and anxiety. A recent study from Rutgers University showed that meditation paired with aerobic exercise improved outcomes for victims of sexual assault. Another identified the benefits for those experiencing depression. Dealing with something like this? Is something affecting your health? Reach out to your doctor and discuss how to best integrate meditation into your care!

In the meantime consider how meditation can offer you some extra support right now:

  • Struggling with stamina and mood during the transition into winter? Try switching your meditation to the early mornings and savor the experience of the quiet world around you and the sweet smells of the damp air.
  • A looming deadline or particularly busy time at work? Try integrating a five-minute meditation into your lunch hour. You can use the Tibetan Nose Blow for a quick start!
  • Ready to dive into some seasonal gratitude? If you’ve been doing some meditation, it will be easier for you to see all the positive elements that surround and support you!

Learn more about these studies and other research on meditation here.

Published on Nov 08 09 : 00 am