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Each of the Four Immeasurables has a near and far enemy. We’ll be focusing on Loving Kindness in this piece. Think of a far enemy as a complete opposite in this context. The far enemy or complete opposite of Loving Kindness is ill will or hatred towards another being. That’s usually pretty evident and easy to identify, so we won’t spend a lot of time diving into it. When we feel ill will towards another, we know that means we need to pause and look at what’s happening within us and find the reality of the situation.

Published on Mar 05 8:00 am

For some of us, trying to cultivate self-love and acceptance through a Loving Kindness practice can be like trying to go to the moon: we know it’s possible, but the journey seems impossible. It’s so much easier to worry about our endless responsibilities than to sit with ourselves, our thoughts and try to change our pattern of thinking.

That’s why we’ve collected some helpful articles to help you get started on your Loving Kindness practice.

Published on Feb 27 8:00 am

Our internal critic can be harsh and unrelenting, especially in times when we’re triggered. That critic can be hard to silence fully without suppressing or repressing it. So how can we acknowledge the inner critic without nurturing its presence to grow in our minds and our lives?

Here are three tactics to keep our inner critic to a minimum.

Published on Feb 20 8:00 am
The Compassion in Action Fellowship: A Yearlong Inner & Outer Change Journey for Student Leaders
Published on Feb 19 12:29 pm
Here are some ideas for quick and small acts of compassion that you can practice with yourself.
Published on Feb 13 4:56 pm
This month we are focusing on Loving Kindness, or metta meditation. It is our hope that this month will be a time of wishing happiness for all beings. Perhaps we can use all of the Valentine’s Day advertisements as reminders to do this practice instead of buying boxes of chocolates. What better gift than happiness can we give ourselves, others, and the world? The term Loving Kindness might sound a little fluffy, but as we look around the world are there any downsides to cultivating more happiness? We don’t think so.
Published on Feb 06 8:00 am

Do you ever find yourself worrying that you’re not measuring up to a yardstick of perfection? Whether we’re talking about our meditation practice or just things we want to accomplish, it can be easy to get frustrated and discouraged if we don’t hit the impossible goal of perfection. How can we take smaller steps to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others while accepting ourselves and our capacities?

Below are three ways to combat perfection and be kinder to ourselves.

Slow Down.

Published on Jan 30 8:00 am

Have you ever tried to use positive affirmations and struggled to feel like they worked? You’re not alone! Positive affirmations can be hard to use, especially if we’re not clear on what exactly they are, how to use them correctly, or what their benefits are. 

Below are some great resources on the power of affirmations and how they can help you create a new mindset.

Published on Jan 23 8:51 am

First of all, Happy 2020! 

In social settings when I talk about my work, people often say to me, “Oh, I am so bad at meditating! I could never do that!” I never know how to respond. But I do know that when I tell myself I am “bad” at something, I am much less motivated to do it. Few of us enjoy doing something when we think we are “bad” at it. 

A good friend of mine says, “If you fire it, you wire it.” In other words, what we tell ourselves, our brains will believe, and act accordingly. Our messages to ourselves are powerful.  

Published on Jan 16 1:35 pm

Mindful eating allows us to slow down and appreciate the food in front of us, and also thank the many forms of life that came together to provide us nourishment. 

Below is a simple mindful eating practice to try.

Published on Jan 09 12:00 am