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Meditation Can Save You from Regret

Regret can cause not only pain and grief, but it can negatively affect our mental and emotional health. When in the throes of regret, our tendency to shove it to the side or suppress it can be hard to resist. Instead, we can use meditation to keep us present and to process the regret so it can leave our bodies.

Developing a self-compassion meditation practice can help clear out regret. An exercise to try is to talk to ourselves like we would a close friend. Think of what kind of tone you would use. Is it one of criticism and negative talk or one of compassion and understanding? Using this type of visualization and positive self-talk can help soothe and calm us.

Body Scans is a practice that can allow us to be fully present. We can then look at the situation and dig deep into what it’s triggering inside of us. Where in the body is regret settling, and what does that physical sensation feel like? When we let the feeling of regret just be, and not push it aside, we can work our way to the other side of it.

Meditation also gives us the tools to reframe situations without taking any particular viewpoint. If we can step back emotionally or physically to collect ourselves, we can prevent more regrets from happening. We’re only human and we make the best decision we can within any moment.

Understand that regret is not a distinct part of who we are – it’s separate. It isn’t worth beating ourselves up over regret. And by permitting ourselves to process these feelings we are able to heal and move forward.

With this guided meditation learn how to shift your attention from your own suffering, and that of others, to compassion.

Published on Mar 14 09 : 00 am