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4 Reasons to Attend a Namchak Virtual Retreat.

With the way of the world in a state of constant flux these days, it’s important to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing. One way of doing that is by attending an online meditation retreat with Namchak, where you have access to incredible teachers and important teachings from the comfort of your own home. Probably you’re already spending so much time in front of the screen that the thought of doing that over the course of several days sounds miserable. Don’t worry, the Namchak retreat is really enjoyable!

Here are four reasons why a virtual retreat is just what you need.

Sense of Community in Times of Isolation.

While a healthy dose of skepticism towards online retreats isn’t unwarranted, you’d be surprised at the meaningful interactions and community that arise. These retreats typically bring together a wider base of people from all over the world, deeply committed to their practice and each other. From online chat to small breakout rooms, the sense of community during the retreat is palpable. Also, you can invite a friend or family member to attend the retreat with you!

Let the Introvert in You Shine.

For those on the more introverted side, a virtual meditation retreat at home is a win-win! You control your video and audio, so you don’t have to feel the need to engage or be ‘on’ all the time. The ability to have quiet space to think and then to put that thought into the chat box is amazing. You don’t have to push your voice through group conversation to be heard. You also have more say over your energy expenditure and the ability and options to set yourself up for success.

Comfort in Familiar Surroundings.

Nervous about doing a retreat at home? Don’t be! The online retreat provides an informal structure to your day, with built-in breaks, lunch and time for practice. There’s also something beautiful about being able to build your practice into “off cushion life” during the weekend. From relaxing to preparing meals, it’s present with you throughout the weekend. It’s a good reminder that you can have a place of refuge in your home just as if you were attending an in-person retreat.

Same Quality, Easier Access.

For some of us, leaving home to attend an in-person retreat can require arranging childcare, pet care, travel, accommodations, and more. While it can be nice to change up location for a bit, online retreats are easier to access right where we are for a lower cost overall. Online retreats also offer the same quality teachings as in person, and at times even better. There’s a chat box for you to submit questions you have during the retreat. Set times are made for those questions to be answered. During some retreats, participants get to have one-on-one time with the teacher in a breakout room to ask private questions they have about their practice. The set schedule provides enough breaks that you never feel like you’re sitting in front of your screen for too long.

Ready to try out a virtual meditation? Check out our upcoming retreat with Namchak Khen Rinpoche on the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva here.

Published on Jul 30 09 : 00 am