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The Tibetan Story of Tara

Have you been finding it difficult to get to a state of relaxation where you feel like you can actually meditate? If you need some extra help calming your mind before you practice, check out this short teaching about Tara by Khen Rinpoche. He provides an overview of how Tibetans traditionally prayed to Tara in times of fear and danger. He shares a short and simple mantra, Om tare tu tare ture soha. Repeating the mantra before practicingis meant to help the mind relax and improve meditation practice. In the midst of a hardship, it will most likely be more challenging for our minds to engage in meditation. Khen Rinpoche recommends connecting with a deity like Tara through repeating a mantra in order to bring the mind to a restful state.The tradition is to say the mantra in Tibetan, but its meaning is basically a calling out and praying to Tara. Check out the video, listen to the story of Tara, and try the mantra for yourself!

Published on May 21 03 : 01 pm