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COVID-19 Care with Lama Tsomo Part 3

This is the third installment of a Q&A series with Lama Tsomo about how to stay grounded during these trying times.

Many people are finding themselves in close quarters with others, whether family or roommates. It can be a struggle to stay calm when we aren’t used to being together all the time and everything feels more frustrating. Do you have any tips for adjusting to this new normal?

It is a real test to be in quarantine. The key is to accept each other as imperfect beings. If someone is doing something that you find frustrating, an example would be a person talking on endlessly, acknowledge that as being part of who they are. You can still say, “Hey, this doesn’t feel good to me,” but don’t hold it in. Practice good communication, deal with stuff in the moment and don’t hold onto resentments.

How can contemplating impermanence help us cope?

When things suck, impermanence is really your friend. One way to feel hopeful during hard situations is by realizing it’s not going to stay the same forever. Things will change. The trouble we get into is hoping for specific things that we have no control over. If we are stuck somewhere we can’t leave and family is causing strife, we can relax and let go in the embrace of all being, benevolent, pure love that sees us as we are. There is a way through. Then we can stand and know the truth because we have felt it.

Does grace for ourselves and others play a role in staying grounded?

Showing grace to yourself and those around you is important. You have to remember to keep going and to use your practice as your ally. That way you will fall into the natural grace of being. It’s ok if you aren’t the perfect parent, the perfect partner, or that your kids aren’t perfect. We’re all adjusting to a new normal, and that is going to take time and the grace of acceptance to come through the other side together.

It can be difficult to feel turbulent emotions compounded by the pressure cooker of being in close quarters with other people daily. Remember to take time to breathe and center yourself. Your practice is your ally right now. If you are looking for free resources to help aid your practice, please check our tools here.

Published on Apr 23 08 : 12 am