Sample Meetings and Dedicating the Merit

Opening Moment of Silence and Giving Rise to Bodhicitta

Opening Ex #1

  • Find a position that allows your spine to be straight, yet supple.
  • Bring your awareness to your breath.
  • Noticing the sensations of the breath.
  • The rise and fall of the belly.
  • Noticing and savoring the pause after the exhale.
  • And the pause after the inhale.
  • And begin sensing into the presence of those in this circle.
  • And inviting into your heart, that altruistic intention that all beings, including ourselves, be freed from suffering and awaken into true happiness.

Opening Ex #2

  • Start by paying attention to your breathing.
  • Take a couple of nice relaxed breaths.
  • Feel the sensations in your belly and chest as you breathe.
  • The coolness in your nose/mouth.
  • Tune into your emotional feeling tone. Letting it be whatever it is. Noticing. It’s probably several layers.
  • We are together with all of these waves – same ocean, same water.
  • Even as each of us is unique like each particular wave.
  • And so we feel our natural inclination and motivation to help all beings from our particular set of talents and abilities.
  • We naturally want to help everyone.
  • So we bring that motivation to this effort in this Circle today.

Opening Ex #3

  • Start by finding a relaxed position.
  • Breathe naturally, dropping into the present moment.
  • Check in to see what is happening with your mind, with soft, accepting awareness.
  • Continue to breathe – gently, with a slightly longer exhale. With a small pause at the top of your inhale and the bottom of your exhale. Bring your focus to the felt sensation of the breath. Softening into the breath and your body. Notice any sensations in the body.
  • Dropping into this moment, letting go of all hope and fear. Only this moment.
  • Notice a change (if at all) that has occurred in your body and your breath. Perhaps it has softened or relaxed a little.
  • As you drop into this moment, leaving behind hope and fear, notice the feeling of being present in this moment. Here. Now.
  • May all beings be free from suffering and find the peace of being totally in the moment.

Dedications of the merit

Dedication Ex #1

  • “By the power of this compassionate practice
  • May suffering be transformed into peace
  • May the hearts of all beings be open
  • And their wisdom radiate from within.”

Dedication Ex #2

  • “Through this practice may all beings awaken and be happy.
  • May all beings find relief from suffering, including ourselves, and dwell in happiness.”