Nov 05 2021
The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind

The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind with Khen Rinpoche

Zoom Video Call

How are you meeting these times? With all the suffering and uncertainty that we face today, it can be helpful to turn our awareness towards the Dharma and remember the ultimate reality that is truly our home. How can we wake up and connect to this truth? What reminds us again and again to continue to wake up?

In this weekend retreat, Namchak Khen Rinpoche will explore these four points in detail and will discuss the practice of taking refuge in Buddhism, including its purpose, benefits, and function.

The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind are four contemplations that help us let go of or turn away from our grasping toward, desire for, and contentment with Samsaric life.

Also known as the “Outer Preliminaries” the Four Thoughts are:

  • Our Precious Human Life
  • Death and Impermanence
  • Karma
  • Faults of Samsara

By reflecting on these Four Thoughts, we deepen our practice to a place where we are ready to break free from the cycle of suffering and cultivate the genuine wish for liberation from Samsara, for ourselves and others.

Schedule at a glance:

November 5th – 7th
Friday: 5:30pm – 8:00pm MDT
Saturday: 9:30am-12:30pm; 2:30pm-5pm MDT
Sunday: 9:30am-12:30pm; 2:30-5pm MDT
Optional morning Practice session with Justin Sunday 8am MDT