Oct 04 2023
Introduction to Meditation Course - Namchak

Introduction to Meditation 4-Week Course

In-person in Missoula, MT & Online

About this Course

From the moment we wake up until we fall asleep, our minds are working. How familiar are we with what’s actually happening in our minds? And how attached are we to the stories that our minds create? When our minds are untrained, we are likely to experience stress, anxiety, emotional pain and so forth. When we familiarize ourselves with the happenings of our minds, we can uncover and rest in the peaceful state that is always available to us.

In our Introduction to Meditation four-part online and in-person series, we will cultivate habits of seeing and relating to our own inner and outer worlds in a new way that brings us comfort and ease. We will discuss various types of meditation practices and their benefits while focusing on the practice of Calm Abiding (Shamata) meditation.

We will meet for four consecutive weeks, each session will last one and a half hours and will be made up of short periods of instruction followed by many short meditation sessions.

Course Details:

A four-week course for beginners to receive in-depth Tibetan Buddhist meditation instructions, practice with others, and experience the benefits of meditation. Offered twice-a-year online or in-person in Missoula, Montana.

  • October 4-25

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