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37 Practice of a Bodhisattva

37 Practices of a Bodhisattva: A Guide to Walking the Path



Join Namchak Khen Rinpoche for an intimate weekend retreat focused on The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, a profound text that serves as a practical guide on how to walk the path of the bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is someone who has aroused bodhicitta, the compassionate wish to help others attain enlightenment before themselves. These practices help us to connect to our true nature and live a happier and more fulfilled life.

The Thirty-Seven Practices of All the Bodhisattvas, written by Gyalse Tokme Zangpo in the 14th century, eloquently summarizes the meaning of the bodhisattva path and the instructions on how to follow it. This text is considered a masterpiece and serves as a practical guide for those seeking to walk the path of enlightenment. Khen Rinpoche will elaborate on the many meanings of this text from his own vast study and realization. This is a retreat not to be missed - perfect for beginning and more seasoned students alike!

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August 7-9, Friday-Sunday: 10am MDT – 5pm MDT
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Typical daily schedule:

10:00 am: Morning session begins
11:15 am: Break
11:30 am: Resume 
12:30 pm: Lunch 
2:30 pm: Afternoon session begins 
3:45 pm: Break
4:00 pm: Resume 
5:00 pm: Close 

What to expect from this teaching:

·       An examination of this profound text on the way of the spiritual warrior

·       Techniques to incorporate these practices into everyday life

·       Guided meditation

·       Continued support and guidance from the Namchak Community following the conclusion of the retreat.



Our intention is to make this workshop financially accessible to all so we offer a tiered fee structure. Please choose whichever level works best for you. If the program costs present a financial barrier please contact amanda@namchak.org.

About the teacher:

Khen Rinpoche completed the study of all the Indian Buddhist philosophical traditions and the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism under numerous great teachers. He also completed the nine years of rigorous training and served at the Namdroling monastery for several years. Enthroned as Khenpo by HH Penor Rinpoche, he taught at the Shedras of Ringo Tulku and Shechen Monastery for many years, as was instructed. Khen Rinpoche strictly abides by his precepts in everyday life and is diligent in his practice. He visits and teaches a variety of places around the world, including the Namchak Foundation and the Namchak Retreat Ranch, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other locations. While in the U.S., he resides and meditates at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana.