Reflecting On Intentions

As your group continues to meet, it’s important to return on a regular basis to your intention—the reason you came together. Perhaps you have been moving through sections of Why Bother? Perhaps you have been going through Namchak’s eCourses as a group. Or maybe you’ve simply been spending most of the meeting in a shared, seated meditation. Whatever your format or style, it’s important to regularly reflect as a group to ensure the gathering is continuing to serve the expectations for a shared spiritual practice.

  • Ask yourselves how well you’re applying the teachings on the spot during meetings?
  • Are you finding more equanimity? More grace?

Consider having members complete a simple survey (use our Example Survey from Appendix E of the Learning Circle Toolkit) to get a good read on how the group structure is working for everyone and what ideas people may have to improve the experience. Or, revisit the Guiding Questions (see Appendix B of the Learning Circle Toolkit).

And, don’t forget to share your ideas with us at Namchak! We would love to hear about your group, or ways that we can improve this toolkit. Email us at [email protected].