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Neuroscience research shows that when the brain is trained with meditation practices that our habits become a little bit different
Published on Oct 04 12:04 pm
In Tibetan Buddhist practice, the word “Sangha” refers to the community of people that …
Published on Sep 27 6:55 pm
Meditation helps our brains to develop the right “muscles”…
Published on Sep 20 6:01 pm
Each of us has a unique gift to bring the world and we aren’t going to be satisfied if…
Published on Sep 13 7:30 pm
It is true that compassion has the power to increase your happiness and that of others. But there is a caveat. First, you must feel like you are being compassionate to yourself.
Published on Aug 30 6:11 pm
Creating authentic community can be incredibly challenging. Even though we can connect with people from around the world almost instantaneously, those relationships can be superficial and unfulfilling. Below we’ve gathered resources to help you cultivate healthy relationships.
Published on Aug 23 9:18 am
“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”C.G. Jung

Here we have put together resources to inspire authentic living.
Published on Aug 16 10:35 am
Each of us has a unique gift to bring the world, and we aren’t going to be satisfied if we can’t bring it forth.
Published on Aug 09 6:04 pm
Once summer hits, it can almost feel like there is no stopping the gnawing feeling that you must take advantage of every moment of the sun, long days, and non-stop socializing while they are here. Making the most of these moments is important, but it should also include time to check in and take of yourself……
Published on Aug 02 7:08 pm

Meditation is simple, it’s just paying attention and seeing what is.

Published on Jul 26 1:15 pm