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Play can lessen the mind chatter and bring us more fully into the present moment. We need to remind ourselves that play is not a luxury, but a necessity.
Published on Jul 25 5:07 pm
The entire time I was growing up, I was exposed to another Western tradition for exploring the world: science.
Published on Jul 18 2:53 pm
It’s time to throw out the notion that play time is only for kids. As adults, we often cling to the idea that we need to be serious. Turns out, research shows that playtime is a healthy way to reset, grow creativity, and build community for us adults, too!
Published on Jul 11 3:45 pm
This piece is part of a series meant to give readers an inside view of the Clearing the Lens Retreat. To begin this month’s theme of Play, it seems fitting to talk about reconnecting with your inner artist. This artist may be sleeping or hiding in a secret corner of your person, but the artist is in there. It doesn’t matter if your inner artist ever becomes famous, but it does matter that it gets a chance to express itself.
Published on Jul 03 12:31 pm
Being grateful can be difficult when we’re on the precipice of the unknown. It can be a struggle to go from our current mental state to one of gratitude when we’re encapsulated in fear and anxiety. We’ve all heard that gratitude cultivates more gratitude, but is that really the case?
Published on Jun 27 4:00 pm
When I first met Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, I wasn’t expecting to. In fact, I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone.
Published on Jun 20 4:22 pm
When the transition is a clear choice, it’s natural to conjure up gratitude. But an unexpected and unwanted change may be especially unsettling, as the unpredictability removes illusions of control.
Published on Jun 13 4:06 pm
Resiliency is an ambiguous term that’s used a lot these days, particularly around the themes of adversity and transition. How is resiliency good for us and how can it help our workplaces thrive?
Published on Jun 06 3:47 pm
Taking some inspiration from the Buddha himself, let’s enrich our practice with a little springtime mix-up.
Published on May 30 3:23 pm

Let’s talk about projection. Not the old way our grandparents used to watch movies, but the way we tend to project our insecurities on those close to us, often seriously damaging our relationships. It’s fairly easy to know when someone is projecting on us. Most likely we feel as though we have been grossly misinterpreted, or that someone’s created a story about us that is completely false.

Published on May 23 5:11 pm