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Spring is traditionally associated with birth and renewal, a welcome freedom after the challenges of winter. This lightening of spirit urges us to embark on new projects, including our own personal aspirations. What do we want to achieve? How do we want to move through the world?
Published on Apr 11 4:00 pm
Namchak community member, Joe Previte, shares his journey with meditation and his path to the Namchak community.
Published on Apr 04 5:23 pm
Courage – it’s not just a word to describe people who commit to larger-than-life acts of bravery. We can turn the lens of courage on ourselves by reframing not only how we define it, but also how we cultivate it. Since meditation allows us to come to self, it can create an inner resiliency that allows us to be more courageous.
Published on Mar 28 3:00 pm
To learn more about Namchak’s Shamata retreats and what to expect when you attend, we spoke with Alley Fontenot, Namchak Community Steward.
Published on Mar 26 3:00 pm
Volunteering is a fantastic way to become engaged with the community we live in – and even those we don’t! Discover how volunteering can make you more mindful.
Published on Mar 21 3:45 pm

Regret can cause not only pain and grief, but it can negatively affect our mental and emotional health. When in the throes of regret, our tendency to shove it to the side or suppress it can be hard to resist. Instead, we can use meditation to keep us present and to process the regret so it can leave our bodies.

Published on Mar 14 4:12 pm
Three exercises to broaden our and our co-workers’ capabilities to be present
Published on Mar 07 4:13 pm
Stress gets to all of us and can build up over time, whether it’s work stress, life stress or just stress in general.
Published on Feb 28 7:29 pm
Meditating solo can be daunting. It’s hard to know if we’re on the right path.
Published on Feb 21 9:41 pm
Relationships require us to grow, adapt and change. How can we use those aspects to develop our relationships into ones filled with a greater capacity for love and connection?
Published on Feb 14 12:40 pm