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Feeling grateful can be difficult, especially since gratitude is often hyped up as the “thing” to do. How can we learn to accept ourselves as we are instead of being ashamed for feeling ungrateful?

Published on Jan 02 12:00 pm

Now that the year is ending, most people are trying to plan out their New Year’s Resolutions. Before we start that rush, let’s take a moment and appreciate and reflect on how this past year has gone for us personally. 


Ask yourself:

1.    What would you consider to be a failure that offered the greatest takeaway? What was it you learned?

2.    What do you consider to be this year’s proudest achievement? Why?

3.    What’s something new you discovered that you loved?

4.    What new habits did you cultivate?

5.    What old habits did you drop?

Published on Dec 26 9:00 am

To an introvert, holiday parties sound amazing in theory, but not so much in practice. Does this scene sound familiar? You agree to attend a myriad of parties (ok, just two!) thinking it will be fun. The day of the party arrives and you’re getting ready at a snail’s pace. You wonder how long you’ll have to stay before you can politely leave to go home, get in your pajamas, and snuggle your pets. 

Or maybe that’s just us. 

Below are some of our secret weapons for getting through the holiday party craze with our energy intact.

Say No

Published on Dec 19 9:00 am

Self-care and the holidays don’t seem to go together. Rather than trying to add a new activity to our schedules this month, let’s try to improve an already existing habit – sleep! One of the best things we can do for ourselves is get some good sleep. For most of us that is extra challenging during the holidays. Schedules are often packed with festivities, family time, and more socializing than usual. Sometimes family time and socializing can be restorative and energizing, but that isn’t always the case.

Published on Dec 12 9:00 am

I love the lightbulb moments at retreats. Ya’ know that moment where everyone nods together and starts writing down what the teacher said? If you’ve been to a Namchak retreat, or probably any type of class, you know that moment. The simultaneous group smile like, “That is exactly what we needed to hear!”

Published on Nov 28 9:00 am

When the busyness of the holiday season comes around, it can be easy to get pulled into the “hurry up!” that it brings. From checking things off our to-do lists, prepping for the holidays and attending parties, we can lose sight of what’s important: spending time and creating memories with those closest to us.

A meaningful way to create memories with those we love is by volunteering together in our community. Here are three reasons to volunteer in community this holiday season.

Published on Nov 07 9:52 am


We’ve covered the first three Foundations of Mindfulness: body, feelings, and mind. That leaves Mindfulness of Phenomena, the fourth and final Foundation of Mindfulness. The first three involve investigating within ourselves. Investigating phenomena asks us to shift our focus to the world around us.


Published on Oct 31 3:10 pm
Lama Tsomo helps us understand what to do with our wandering “puppy” minds while meditating, but what about the mind-wandering that occurs in our everyday lives?
Published on Oct 24 4:32 pm

Mindfulness of Mind sounds like a funny phrase, doesn’t it? As we dive into the Four Foundations of Mindfulness this month, we look at the third foundation, which is Mindfulness of Mind or Consciousness. Previously we talked about the first two foundations, Mindfulness of Body and Feelings. Now we take it a step further and develop an awareness of our minds. Have you ever found yourself zoned out or being unaware of what’s going on in your mind? We can easily go through our actions of daily life without an awareness of our minds.

Published on Oct 17 12:33 pm
As the frenetic energy of summer quietly fades, temperatures drop, and days shorten, it feels natural to turn inwards. Here at Namchak, we are turning our attention to Vipassana or special insight meditation for the month of October. We will follow the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Buddha’s fundamental teaching on meditation) as our Vipassana guide as we hone our awareness of the world around us. Common to all Buddhist traditions, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness are a systematic guide to practicing insight meditation in progressive stages, detailing the four areas of life to which mental awareness should be applied. Those four areas are mindfulness of body, feelings, mind, and phenomena or mental objects.
Published on Oct 10 2:39 pm