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Why Retreat is Just What Your Practice Needs

Meditating solo can be daunting. It’s hard to know if we’re on the right path or who to ask if we have questions when we don’t understand a practice. That’s where the benefits of a meditation retreat can help!

Retreat is a powerful tool to deeply develop our meditation practice and get those questions answered, all while enveloped in a warm community of like-minded people.

The opportunities for expansive exploration of self are abundant during retreats and provide tools to empower ourselves in all that we do. Retreat can become an outlet for increasing the breadth of our knowledge or give us the choice to hone just one area of our practice we’d like to see flourish.

Often, we find ourselves pushing our practice to the back burner as other life commitments become priority. There’s a power in retreat that renews our passion to sit on our cushion and banish the disconnect from self.

No matter our intention for retreat, we can know that we’ll find compassion, community, and a renewed commitment to self when we arrive.

Published on Feb 21 09 : 00 am