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Why Meditation Makes You a Better Leader

A simple way to start this shift is meditation.

Know Thyself
Meditation allows us to train our minds in order to see our truest self. By taking the inner understandings gained from our time on the cushion we can apply them to everyday life. That way, we are able to connect to others with intention as we bring our most valuable skills to the forefront of our leadership style.

Building Awareness
It can be uncomfortable to realize the depth of our unawareness. Meditation has the ability to shine a spotlight on this weak point of self to help us learn how to cultivate the awareness we are lacking. Through awareness comes the ability to see the gap between what is happening in the present and our response. When we address this gap, we can choose a reaction that comes from a place that can accept and receive different viewpoints.

Creating New Habits

Published on Jan 03 09 : 00 am