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Understanding the Importance of Community

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Creating authentic community can be incredibly challenging. Even though we can connect with people from around the world almost instantaneously, those relationships can be superficial and unfulfilling. Below we’ve gathered resources to help you cultivate healthy relationships.

True connections. Creating genuine relationships in a world that is hyper-connected can be tough. Learn how to recognize and capitalize on opportunities for authentic community building with Senior Features Editor Elizabeth Inglese’s article for Mind Body Green.

Keep it healthy. The quality of relationships is much important than the quantity! Grace Furman for Mindful Health describes how healthy friendships and belonging can lessen stress and encourage happiness.

Vulnerability, vulnerability. Did you know shame and fear can prevent us from building community? Brené Brown, PhD, discusses the importance that vulnerability and wholeheartedness play in human connection during her TEDxHouston talk.

Loneliness cure. It’s easy to keep on the carousel of being overly busy when we’re feeling lonely. Discover ways to combat loneliness and focus on what you really need in this article by writer Kaylia Dunstan.

Gather together. Creating a positive community around a hobby, skill or idea can make relationship building a breeze! Learning Circles encourage compassionate and supportive community building for people on their meditation journey.

Published on Aug 23 09 : 00 am